Dungeonmans – All Warden’s Words of Fury Possible Enchantments

Warden’s Words of Fury is a special enchantment you can craft at the map table in the academy. It takes 10,000g, 20 of each map fragment type*, a Warden’s Wisdom (rare drop), and 5x Radiant Starshards.

There are 5 types of map fragments (fire, cold, poison, dread purple, and star). Post-story high level dungeons can be attuned to a particular element – if you look at the description of a map in your inventory it will tell you what type of element a dungeon is attuned to (if any). While in that dungeon, monsters will sometimes drop map fragments for the attuned element. You need 20 of each type so 100 in total.

List of Possible Enchantments

After you craft a Warden’s Words of Fury at the table, it will spawn it on the ground nearby in the map room. After you use it, it will ask you the weapon type the enchantment is for:

  • One handed swords, axes, and hammers.
  • Two handed swords, axes, and hammers.
  • Bows.
  • Polearms.
  • Wizard Staves.

After selecting a weapon type it will spawn an enchantment scroll nearby that you will need to pick up. This enchantment scroll will be a legendary enchantment that can only be applied to the weapon of the selected type. You can only have a single legendary enchantment on a weapon at a time – so choose wisely. You can use a solvent to remove it, but as I have never used a solvent in the game, I cannot advise on that process.

Below is a list of the various enchantments I have discovered and the in-game description of their effect.

Weapon TypeNameEffectNotes
1HFuriousSuccessful hits incite Fury, which increases weapon damage 20% with every hit to a maximum of 100%. While Furious, you cannot be blocked or parried. Fury ends if you do not hit an enemy in melee during your turn.
2HBloodthirstyWhen you kill an enemy adjacent to you, you are given a free action and your next Press The Attack costs no stamina. Weapon damage during this free action is increased by 50%.Press The Attack is a skill you learn by putting the 2nd point into Introduction to Martial Exchanges on the Adventure 101 skills tab (first / topmost skills tab). This skill requires a 2H axe, hammer, or sword, and has the following description: “Take one step forward and swing wide in front of you, damaging enemies you advanced toward and causing them to beleed. Great for catching slippery ranged guys!”
BowDeadeyeEach hit reduces power Strain by 1. Critical ranged attacks get you Fired Up! and will amplify your next use of a Rangermans power.The Fired Up! is a buff that lasts for 5 rounds or until you use a Rangermans power. I haven’t tried it (yet) with each Rangermans power, but at a minimum with the Drink the Typhoon power which fires arrows at a 5×5 grid, it alters the animation so that most of the monsters in the 5×5 area start running around in a panic, and then rather large arrows come raining down on them.
PolearmShieldbrotherCalling down a banner summons a Shieldbrother whol will attack foes using your best damage output. If you are adjacent to your Shieldbrother when you take damage, he will take half of it for you.
StaffCascadingDealing elemental damage to an enemy will make that enemy 20% more vulnerable to that element for 5 rounds. Each time you deal damage, the vulnerability increase by 20% to a max of 100%, and the timer resest.

Note: anything in bold denotes colored text in the game. Most of the colored text is yellow / gold, but some of them are red, but I can’t do color formatting, so bold it is.

I do not know if I am just having bad RNG but I have only been able to spawn 1 legendary enchantment of each type, no matter how many times I use the Warden’s Words of Fury. If you know of additional enchantments it can spawn, please comment below and I will update the guide.

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