EA Sports UFC 4

EA Sports UFC 4 Trophies for PS4

Developer and publisher Electronic Arts has released the official EA Sports UFC 4 trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In EA Sports UFC 4, players will be collecting 28 trophies consisting of 8 bronze, 14 silver, 5 gold, and 1 platinum trophies. There are 3 secret trophies in EA Sports UFC 4. Check out the full EA Sports UFC 4 for PS4 below.

EA Sports UFC 4 Trophies

The CollectorUnlock all other trophies in EA SPORTS™ UFC® 4.Platinum Trophy
UndefeatedDefend the belt 12 consecutive times in your Career.Gold Trophy
UndisputedBecome champion and defend the title once in Online World Championships.Gold Trophy
Wear'em with PrideEquip 5 accolades in your Player Card.Gold Trophy
The Legend (Secret)Become the GOAT in your Career.Gold Trophy
There Can Be Only OneAchieve Ultimate Victory in Blitz Battles.Gold Trophy
No Pain No GainReceive a major injury and win the match in your Career.Silver Trophy
Unleashed on CamKnockout your training partner during a streamed session in your Career.Silver Trophy
Risky OfferAccept an Amateur fight against a high level Wrestler.Silver Trophy
Back to the ArcadesPlay a match of KO Mode.Silver Trophy
Show the FlagEquip a Legendary Background on your Player Card.Silver Trophy
The Pro (Secret)Finish your training and sign your first Career contract.Silver Trophy
This is MeEdit all categories from your Player Card.Silver Trophy
I'm Back!Use Evolution Points to recover a lost attribute point in your Career.Silver Trophy
The MasterPrestige a move in your Career by knocking out or knocking down opponents with a 5-Star Move.Silver Trophy
The SpecialistUnlock 5 perks in a single category through Evolution Points in your Career.Silver Trophy
Employee of the MonthComplete an optional Contract Bonus in your Career.Silver Trophy
OverachieverComplete all optional challenges from a sparring session in your Career.Silver Trophy
Did My HomeworkUnlock all gameplans for a Fighter in your Career.Silver Trophy
Rubbing Shoulders with the BestInvite a top 5 fighter and learn a new move in your Career.Silver Trophy
Thrown to the Wolves (Secret)Make your amateur debut in the Opening Experience.Bronze Trophy
FacebreakerFinish a fight by ground & pound.Bronze Trophy
The ApprenticeUpgrade a move during a fight or training in your Career.Bronze Trophy
Bend to my WillFinish a fight by Joint Submission.Bronze Trophy
Stay Down!Perform 5 successful takedowns in a fight.Bronze Trophy
High ImpactKO your opponent from clinch.Bronze Trophy
Words of WisdomAdd flair text to your Player Card.Bronze Trophy
Sleepy TimeFinish a fight by choke submission.Bronze Trophy

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