Engine Evolution 2023 Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you how to unlock all achievements in Engine Evolution 2023.

Generation of Bikes

On the starting grid

Complete the registration. Get this just by logging into the game.

First lap

Simply start a race and do one lap.

Generation 2

Buy a Generation 2 bike.

Generation 3

Buy a Generation 3 bike.

Generation 4

Buy a Generation 4 bike.

Generation 5

Buy a Generation 5 bike.

Generation 6

Buy a Generation 6 bike.

Generation 7

Buy a Generation 7 bike.

Generation 8

Buy a Generation 8 bike.

Podium Finish and Set Lap Times

Podium finisher

Achieve 1 podium in a random multiplayer

Good driver

Achieve 3 podiums in a random multiplayer

Upcoming Force

Achieve 10 podiums in a random multiplayer

Hořice winner

Win a race on the track named Hořice

Fastest lap

Set the fastest lap of the race

Good Pace

Set 3 fastest laps of the race

Master of one

Lap Set 10 fastest laps of the race

Maps and Generation of Bike/Car

Some of the maps you have to play with a specific generation of bike/car. As of right now there is a total of 27 maps, they are as follows:

Hořice, Foothill, Green Hell, Seahorse, Quarry, Wooden Hill, Village, Ancient Alley, Dymokury, Jičín, Deer Ditch, Prince, Jeřice, Most, Adam Ring, Abandoned Highway, Outskirts, Hills, High Plateu, City Park, Ghost, Aigrette, Hayden Park, Mayhem, Snake, Border, Valley

So for each generation you move up, the more tracks you can play on

Gen 1-2: Seahorse, Quarry, Wooden Hill, Village, Ancient Alley, Abandoned Highway, Outskirts, Hills, High Plateau, City Park, Ghost, Valley

Gen 3-5: Foothill, Green Hell, Prince, Most, Aigrette, Hayden Park, Border

Gen 6-8: Hořice, Dymokury, Jičín, Deer Ditch, Jeřice, Adam Ring, Mayhem, Snake, and of course all other tracks as well

Earn XP


Gain 100 XP


Gain 1000 XP

Side note there is a typo in this achievement


Gain 10,000 XP


Gain 100,000 XP


Gain 1,000,000 XP

Named after the first hardcore tester of the game, Milda.

Avarage XP gain for each generation of bikes/cars

  • Gen 1-2 – 441 XP for 1st
  • Gen 3-5 – 535 XP for 1st
  • Gen 6-8 – 630 XP for 1st

Just so you are aware, only multiplayer counts towards above achievements.

Win/Complete X Amount of Races

Race winner

Win 1 random multiplayer race

Multiple race winner

Win 3 random multiplayer races

Championship Contender

Win 10 random multiplayer races


Win 100 random multiplayer races


Complete 1 race

New star

Complete 10 races


Complete 100 races


Complete 1,000 races

Championship of the Day

Championship of the Day happens every day at 20:00 CET.

Points of the Day

Score points in Champion of the day game mode.

Podium of the day

Score a podium in Champion of the day game mode. Get to top 3 or better.

Champion of the day

Win a race in Champion of the day game mode. Get to the top spot, easier said that done though.

He has a lot

Find the famous garage roof in Hořice, where Svarta was jumping, and he had “a lot.”

Other Achievements

One motorbike race

Finish at least one motorbike race.

One formula race

Finish at least one formula race.

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