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Escape Simulator Update 1.0.18718r Patch Notes

Developer Pine Studio has rolled out the latest Escape Simulator update 1.0.18718r, and we have the complete changelog for you to read. The new update brings a lot of bug fixes such as the reconnecting bug issue. It is also worth noting that this update adds a new networking stack, room editor’s new search bar, and a new field for room editor slots.

Unfortunately, since the previous update, players have been experiencing some in-game issues. With today’s update, players should expect fewer to no more in-game issues. Escape Simulator update 1.0.18718r is now available for download. The total update file size has not been revealed by the developer of the game.

Escape Simulator Update 1.0.18718r Patch Notes


  • Fixed Reconnecting bug in co-op play
  • Fixed triggers in co-op play
  • Fixed rotation of some props in workshop rooms
  • Fixing drone in “Hallway Accident” level
  • Fixing “The Lobby” bugs in the first “Omega Corporation” level
  • Better undo and redo functionality in Room Editor
  • Better texture filtering on disk loaded textures


  • New networking stack, co-op play should be much better and robust
  • Room Editor has a new search bar. You can use it to filter items and find what you need quickly
  • Room editor slots have a new “On Remove” field. It will be activated when an object is removed from the slot

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