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EVE Online Beginners Guide

This guide will be covering the basic details and knowledge that you should know in EVE Online. If you’re one of the players who want to learn more about Epic Arcs, Agent Corporations, Jobs, Skills, and more, then this guide will surely help you.

Before we continue, please note that we will only be giving you the overview of how things works in EVE Online. To get an in-depth details about the game, feel free to check the official wiki site of EVE Online.

The Epic Arcs List

One thing that has never been made clear is how to begin any Epic Arcs. You’re going to run through a few of the steps to start this. As you can see on my picture here, we have no reputation with Roineron. In order to start him, we need to make friends with his specific corporation called Impetus.

Your Standing Towards the Agent

Keeping this as close to knowledge as we can, you can see we have zero progress towards him for an Epic Arc. As it says here, we need at least 5.0 Reputation with Impetus. That means, we have to grind with one or more of their agents in order to start a job with him.

The Agent’s Corporation

In order to complete this requirement, you need to right click him, then show info. Then you click on the Impetus logo. From here, you will see a couple of tabs.

One of them is Agents. Each Agent Job counts towards gaining favors with the Epic Arc. You have to complete jobs with your current reputation’s agent. As you can see for Level 3, we’re not allowed to talk with them. We can talk with Level 1 and 2 Agents, but we’re not up to Level 3 Agents.

Jobs for Impetus (for this Guide)

A lot of these jobs will be simple. Complete Cargo Deliveries, Kill Bad Guys, Mine Asteroids, Survey Anomalies.

Tracker Progression

As long as you complete the jobs (related) to the Corporation, the Epic Arc Tracker will grow.


It’s always important to start working on your skills for everything. Down the road, you will need them. The important thing to always remember is to Train Up, Build a Better Ship, and Keep Fighting Prepared.

A lot of stuff we train randomly that only takes a few minutes and place the few days on a later requirement. Omega Ships (requires a Monthly Subscription) gives you stronger ships, but we advise you to up your Alpha Studies to the top.

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