Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Evil Genius 2 Full Metal Jackie Recruitment and Overview

The conditions and requirements to get Full Metal Jackie as well as some details and personal thoughts on her performance in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.


So I said I’d go into detail on Jackie when I picked her up, so here we go. It’s a long one.

When does she unlock?

She is unlocked at the same time as the quantum chemist and Counter agent. Her quest chain makes heavy use of late-game minions for schemes and research so you’ll need them in order to do her quest.

What are her conditions?

The main issue with Jackie is that unlike other henchmen you can lock her out of your game. So when she appeared I made a save and got to testing.

As is already known Jackie is tied to Eli, Jubei, Dr. Ming, and Hunter Daniel. However, you do have some leeway. Jackie’s quest is locked when any of the above 4 are captured or killed.

So that means you can actually do phases 1 and 2 for Eli and Jubei as their capture and kill quest is separated at stage 3. So to be clear, you can do the first two quests for Eli and Jubei but only the first for Ming and Daniel. The moment you complete any of their quests beyond that, she disappears.

Further, Jackie herself has her recruit and kill quest separated. Mine bugged at the second stage and told me to capture or kill her, however, this is wrong, you must kill her here.

From there I noted that her kill quest appeared instantly but her capture quest did not. I left my main story on the intermission that allows you to unlock Counter agents and quantum chemists. Collecting the reward for this quest made her recruit quest show up immediately. So you don’t have to wait for ages after her first quest appears to get her.

Finally, recruiting her does not lock the other 4. So you can go back and get them once you have her.


So how is Jackie herself? The following was tested with no henchmen upgrades. as I had been relying on Ivan up to this point. This was with Hard agents but I was using a custom setup for difficulty.

First her basic attack. It’s a grenade launcher with splash damage. It does little against SA but anything below them dies very quickly even SA teams.

Second her role. She is a pure DPS henchman and that extends to her durability. She fared very poorly in any one on one engagement even at range against any SA that could return fire but again did good damage to non-SA. However, if allowed to support an engagement her damage added up quickly. And in narrow spaces, her splash damage did a decent amount of work on enemy groups.


  • Fire sale – Has a chance to set enemies alight. That chance seemed very high as even against Steele on her own she set him on fire with every attack until it ran out. In addition, the ability appeared to buff her damage. With no upgrades, she very nearly soloed Steele when I activated this ability. I did not notice any friendlies being set on fire. costs 75 morale.
  • Handguns – Equips nearby muscle minions. the radius on this is not very large and martial artists will not equip them nor will they override an already equipped weapon. However, this appears to be permanent. I followed a minion she equipped for a few minutes and the weapon did not disappear. costs 80 smarts.
  • Special ability – She generates schemes on the world map that use a variety of minion types and grant 250000 gold in 4 minutes and 10 seconds. no that’s not a typo.

Overall Impression and Opinion

Overall impressions: She is very good.

But she had to be. Jackie requires you to not recruit what I consider to be the best henchmen at the moment. Both of her abilities are useful unlike Eli (smooth criminal) or Daniel (was not impressed by either but the damage boost is nice on his stealth) and she is not overpowered like Ming

However, it is 4 against 1. Eli’s silver revolver wrecks, Daniels basic attacks are insane, Mings gas can deal with everything the game throws at you if you micro her properly. And Jubei is very very powerful with teleport and flow. It’s good that Jackie does not overshadow the other henchmen but at the same time she kind of needs to with her current requirements. While she is someone I’d pick up now and again I’d probably just recruit the other 4 and then have Fugu or IRIS in the 5th slot more often than not.

Guide by Predator246.

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