METAL MAX Xeno Reborn

METAL MAX Xeno Reborn Controls and Shortcuts

Kadokawa Games’ newest action game, Metal Max Xeno Reborn, has finally arrived. In the game, you will be fighting against monsters and robotic enemies, which is why you should get yourself familiar with the game’s basics. If you’re a new player of this game, this page will be detailing every Metal Max Xeno Reborn controls that you should know.

Metal Max Xeno Reborn Controls

Before we get started, please note that the developer confirmed that you can only play Metal Max Xeno Reborn with a controller. However, there are still keyboard shortcuts that you may find helpful while playing the game.

Below, you will find the complete list of Metal Max Xeno Reborn gamepad controls, as well as the default keyboard keys that are available in the game.

Previous Page / Rotate LeftLB
Next Page / Rotate RightRB
System MenuView Button
Main MenuMenu Button
Cursor MovementLeft Analog Stick
Move CursorDirectional Pad
Camera AngleLeft Analog Stick
Reset ViewpointR3
Cancel (Return)A
Character SwitchX
Metal Max Xeno Reborn Controls

As mentioned above, there are some useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the game. Here are the details that are found from the in-game settings of Metal Max Xeno Reborn.

  • Forward – W / Up Arrow
  • Backward – S / Down Arrow
  • Left – A / Left Arrow
  • Right – D / Right Arrow
  • Confirm – Space / J
  • Cancel / Return – Esc / H
  • Camera Angle Up – Shift + Up Arrow
  • Camera Angle Down – Shift + Down Arrow
  • Camera Angle Left – Shift + Left Arrow
  • Camera Angle Right – Shift + Right Arrow
  • Reset Viewpoint – R
  • Forward – O
  • Retreat – P
  • Next Page / Rotate Right – K
  • Previous Page / Rotate Left – L
  • Main Menu – V
  • System Menu – C
  • Command – I
  • In and Out – E
  • Character Switch – U
  • Retreat – H
  • Details – O

To know more about the default Metal Max Xeno Reborn key bindings and shortcuts, feel free to check the full in-game controls screenshot below:

METAL MAX Xeno Reborn

With all the detailed Metal Max Xeno Reborn controls listed above, you’re now ready to face any enemies in the game. Good luck with your journey!

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