Factory Town

Factory Town Update 1.9 Patch Notes

Developer Erik Asmussen has rolled out the latest Factory Town update 1.9, and we have the complete release notes for you to read.  The new patch aims to fix some of the known bugs in Factory Town that have been reported since the last update.

Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the total download file size for update 1.9. To learn more about this patch, check out the full changelog below.

Factory Town Update 1.9 Patch Notes

Improvements to Create Game Menu

Many improvements were made to this menu and the custom game setup process:

  • Details are now shown in the right-hand panel for the selected setting
  • Clicking the Edit button lets you edit the selected file or preset setting
  • Clicking the Load button lets you load a new file or preset setting
  • Map Generation settings (such as Starting Biome, Map Size, Resources, etc) can now be loaded as a file or preset independently of other settings
  • Numeric values in the Create Game Menu screen are validated to conform to specific ranges, and the text field updates with the validated value
  • Trading Posts now spawn based on a % probability per chunk, not a fixed amount per map. This fixes the issue where trading posts were always limited on an infinite map. Legacy infinite maps will have a % Trading Post spawn probability assigned based on the previous fixed ‘number of trading posts’ parameter
  • Starting Territory setting is no longer a giant list of chunk coordinates, but a simple area selector (4 chunks, 16 chunks, 36 chunks, etc.)
  • Can now duplicate and edit Biomes by right-clicking on them. This replaces the misleading ‘Edit Map’ button that only edited the starting biome
  • Added new ‘Flat’ preset for Starting Map setting, which is almost entirely level except for lakes
  • Fixed outer edge water tiles not displaying on large map previews
  • Fixed large maps having odd square corners where they should be rounded
  • Non-infinite maps have all terrain tiles visible, even if distant from purchased chunks. Resources are still invisible though
  • Fixed odd square edges on terrain texturing & improved biome blending generally (in newly created maps)

Misc Improvements

  • Alert bubbles over buildings and workers will not block cursor when performing an action like building or deleting
  • Made camera movement less restrictive over unpurchased terrain

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Required Worker Count being unable to successfully edit in Victory Conditions
  • Fixed Required Worker Count not displaying correctly on Victory Conditions panel
  • Fixed Right-click popup menu would not dismiss if you clicked outside the popup menu, but over some other menu element
  • Fixed Map Editor screen not enforcing camera bounds

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