Farm Manager 2021

Farm Manager 2021 Patch 1.1.443 on August 26th

Developer Cleversan Software has officially released the latest update for Farm Manager 2021. The new patch version 1.1.443 rolled out on August 26th to address some of the minor in-game issues and bugs.

According to the official changelog of the update, the new patch adds some new sorting filters and new training in the game. The new update also fixed some of the known bugs such as the graphics glitch and loans disappearance after loading a save game.

Farm Manager 2021 update 1.1.443 is now available for download on Steam. Check out the full changelog of the update below.

Farm Manager 2021 Update 1.1.443 Patch Notes


  • The limit of manual workers on the field has been increased to 24.
  • Added a new sorting filter for the warehouses – “Available”. This option shows only the products you currently own and hides the ones you do not own.
  • Added new training that allows you to hire up to 800 employees.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing some of the trees on the field to not display properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused loans to disappear after loading a save.
  • Removed an extra instance of cherry plants in Plant Factory.
  • Added pea seeds to Plant Factory.

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