Ultimate Zombie Defense

Ultimate Zombie Defense Update Adds Tesla Tower, Terminator Tower, and More

Developer and publisher Terror Dog Studio has officially rolled out the newest update 1.0.6 for Ultimate Zombie Defense. The new update has been released on January 2, 2020, and players can now download the new patch.

Ultimate Zombie Defense update 1.0.6 adds new features including the new tower defenses called Tesla Tower, Wooden Fortifications, and Terminator Tower. Apart from these new contents, the new patch also includes some minor changes and adjustments.

Tesla Tower

This new high-powered tower can damage multiple zombies at once. As the name of the tower itself, it will be releasing an electrical burst of energy, destroying anything along the way. You can have a total of 6 standing towers at a time.

Tesla Tower

Wooden Fortifications

Along with the Tesla Tower, Terror Dog Studio also adds two new wooded defenses that you can use to defend your base. Placing these defenses will also deal with some damage to the enemies.

Wooden Fortification

Terminator Tower

Last but surely not least is the Terminator tower. This tower is a super-charged version of the Tesla Tower. Due to its overwhelming power, you are only allowed to place 1 tower at a time.

Terminator Tower

Other Changes

  • We have adjusted the health and cost of other buildings to balance the wooden defences
  • Limited the number of HESCO barriers that can be placed to 80
  • Limited the number of electric grids/traps that can be placed to 50
  • Updated Chinese translations
  • Updated Turkish translations

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