Fear the Spotlight Achievements Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.


  • Estimated difficulty: 2/10.
  • Estimated 100% time: ~3-5 hours.
  • Offline/online achievements: 20 offline / 0 online.
  • Number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Glitched achievements: None.
  • Missable Achievements: 14. Every achievement that isn’t Story related.

Story Related

All of these achievements will unlock simply by playing through and completing the game.

Escape Artist
Survive the library

Thorned Key
Unlock the rose door

Air Purifier
Ventilate the Webber building

Repair the stone face

The End
Put a close to the final chapter

One More Thing
Cross the last T and dot the last I

After finishing the game, wait for the credits to roll, and you’ll have one tiny scene to complete.

Misc. Achievements

All of these achievements are listed in the order you can earn them while playing through.

Curious Observer
Thoroughly examine the occult collection

After entering the library with Amy, go to the display case she stands in front of and interact with it. Interact with everything inside. The Ouija Board isn’t required.

Eager Spirit
Arrive at the séance unprepared

Head to the front of the Library and crouch under the counter. Look underneath the computers to find a box you can open, containing your Keycard. After grabbing it, Amy will start looking for a spot to set up the Spirit Board. Follow her around the room until she sits down, then interact with her for a bit of dialogue.

Crack the code on pure instinct

After passing the door with the golden statue, you will find yourself in a locker room. Locate the Keycard in a duffle bag near the toilets and enter use it to unlock a nearby door. Head inside and look around for a toolbox on a table. The idea is to open this without knowing the code, so don’t read any of the notes in this room just yet! The code is 001.

Flee the Spotlight
Avoid Spotlight Head’s stare

After finding the Quarters in the locker room, Spotlight Head will spawn in and start searching the area. You need to successfully sneak out of the room without him spotting you. From where you start hiding, go left and loop around the lockers. Go behind the turned over table, and finally under the table near the window and leave the room.

Dare to follow the mysterious shadow

After grabbing the glue from the vending machine, you will immediately spot a specter peering around the corner to your left. Go to where it was and look around the bathroom stalls. The achievement will unlock once you head back to the vending machine.

Help Line
Attempt a rescue call

After opening the Rose Door, go through and use the payphone. Insert a Quarter, then dial 9-1-1.

Bingo Enthusiast
Give the tumbler an extra whirl

After finding the handle to the raffle tumbler in the pool, head back to the gymnasium and insert it, then keep turning it until the achievement unlocks.

Curtain Call
Take a bow on stage

After solving the puzzle involving rotating disks, you will climb down into a sewer-like area and grab a set of keys from a statue bust. Climb back up and use the keys to open the nearby hallway. Go down this hallway and enter the first door on your right (Drama Class), then go on the stage and crouch for a few seconds. The achievement will unlock when you stand back up.

Play a broad sweeping melody

Immediately after earning the previous achievement, exit the Drama room and hook a right to find yourself at a T-junction. Directly in front of you should be the Music Room. Go inside and interact with the piano, then press every single key in order from left to right.

Read Between the Lines
Decipher the poem flawlessly

You must solve the Poetry Box puzzle without making a mistake. If you mess up, you can quit to the main menu and try again. The solution is as follows:
Rose points to the full sun (top), Cage points to the full moon (bottom), and Heart points just above sunset (top-right).

Flow to the Music
Repair the sprinkler with a melody playing

After fixing the statue bust, you’ll arrive in a highly disturbing room with a stereo system. Before repairing the sprinklers, go through the nearby archway and all the way to the end of the tunnel. Go left and up the stairs, then climb into the hole in the wall. Once inside, open the steamer trunk to find a Jail Key and more disturbing lore implications. Crawl back into the tunnel and open the cell between the hole and the sprinkler repair system. Once inside, go to the bathroom area and search the barrel for a Bloody Pipe. Once you leave the cell, the radio will turn on. Repair the sprinkler system while the song is playing. If it ends, you can wait a few moments and it will play again.

Perform perfectly in the final showdown

After freeing Amy from her cage, you’ll initiate the final boss fight. You need to complete the entire fight without getting hit once. If you do, quit to the main menu and try again. The idea here is to avoid Spotlight while he bounds around the room, and lure him into electrified puddles. After the first puddle, use your Pliers to break his chains. After the second and third, use the Screwdriver. Also be careful of his sweeping beam attack. Make sure you’re hiding under furniture whenever he begins that. If you’re struggling, you can see how I do the fight in my Deep Breaths video.

Deep Breaths
Explore the entire game with breath intact

I’m not 100% sure if this is for beating the game without healing, or without taking any damage whatsoever, as I did it without taking damage. Either way, they’re kind of synonymous and it’s very easy to cheat the system here. Every time you enter an area the game will auto-save. If you take a hit for whatever reason, back out to the main menu and clock continue. This will put you back in the room you just entered, with no hits taken still.

Elusive Specters (Ghost Hunter) Achievements

Ghost Hunter
See every elusive specter

There are 10 Specters to spot throughout the game, and most of them are very hard to miss. Note that the achievement won’t pop until the credits start rolling.

All locations can be seen in my Deep Breaths video (with timestamps).

Specter #1
After using the Spirit Board, the Library will be dark and trashed. Grab the nearby Candle and push forward until you come to a shelf with books flying off of it. Interact with the shelf to peer through and spot an old table. Quickly back out and look to your left to spot Amy sprint across the room. She runs by really fast, so watch out for that!

Specter #2
After escaping the Library, push forward and you’ll spot a door with a golden statue affixed to it. Inspect the statue and the window to the side of it, then turn your camera to look down the hallway on your right. You’ll spot a ghost watching you from the corner.

Specter #3
After entering the Locker Room, go the area with the bathroom stalls. Inside one of them will be a pair of shoes that raise up.

Specter #4
This ghost will be in the same room as the Flashlight. Impossible to miss.

Specter #5
After gaining access to the Bathrooms and entering, you will hear a ghost banging loudly on the last stall. Interact with the stall and wait for the banging to stop.

Specter #6
After powering down the Gym to power the HVAC, leave the Machine room back into the Gym floor. There will now be 3 ghosts in the room. 2 in the center, and 1 between the exit doors and the door to the Storage room.

Specter #7
In the Webber Building, unscrew the mirror in the bathroom and grab the statue piece.

Specter #8
Inside the closet of the Audio Visual room, after you grab the Strange Key. The closet is located near the front door.

Specter #9
After grabbing the Strange Key, head to the Drama Room and open the hatch that’s inside. Go down and head to the back to find the VHS Tape. Once you’ve grabbed that, head back towards the ladder and keep your eyes trained straight ahead. A ghost will be in front of a bookshelf near the front of the room.

Specter #10
After placing 1 piece of the statue, exit out and turn around. Immediately look inside one of the sewer grates on the wall to spot a ghost staring at you.

Puzzle Solutions

Handyman’s Toolkit

Fuse Box Door

Fuse Box (Storage + Bathrooms

  • Set both black and red plugs to the top row.
  • Set the yellow dial to x100 on the grey (~) half of the board.
  • Open up the top left box and place Fuse B into the slot.
  • Open up the top middle box. Set the left dial to 4, the right dial to 00, then flip the switch to the left (~).
  • Open up the top right box and pull the lever.

Fuse Box (Pool + Office)

  • Set both plugs to the middle row.
  • Set the yellow dial to x10 on the red (Ω) half of the board.
  • Open the middle left box and insert both Fuses C and D.
  • Open the center box. Set the left dial to 8, the right one to 0, then flip the switch to the right (Ω).
  • Open the middle right box and pull the lever.

Office Safe

Fuse Box (Gym)

  • Set both plugs to the bottom row.
  • Set the yellow dial to x1 on the red (Ω) half of the board.
  • Open the bottom left box and insert both Fuses E and F.
  • Open the bottom middle box. Set the left dial to 1, the right dial to dot (.), and flip the switch to the right (Ω).
  • Finally, open the last remaining box and flip the switch.

Rotating Disk Puzzle

Poetry Box

  • Rose points to the full sun (top)
  • Cage points to the full moon (bottom)
  • Heart points just above sunset (top-right)

Piano Puzzle

Sprinkler Pump

After powering on the sprinkler system, you must turn the knobs in a specific order to get the water flowing through the pipes. Turn the left-most knob to the right, the right-most knob down, and finally the middle knob to the left.

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