FINAL FANTASY IX – AF Blue Magic for Quina Guide

This is all the Blue Magic I’ve managed to find and filled out all of the blank spots in AF Quina’s Blue Magic list with the below-mentioned list. If anyone knows where to find a monster that has the same skill after Quina eats it then feel free to comment below, I’ll credit you. Some Blue Magic from vanilla FFIX still remains, but a fair amount has been changed to new types of Blue Magic for the AF mod.

All available AF Blue Magic for Quina

  • Clipper – Aqua Breath
  • Ladybug – Pumpkin Head
  • Serpion – Mighty Guard
  • Gigan Toad – LV3 Aerial Slash
  • Ironite – Angel’s Snack
  • Vice – Vanish
  • Skeleton – Self-Destruct
  • Lamia – LV4 Def-less
  • Sand Scorpion – Shapeshift
  • Magic Vice – Magic Hammer
  • Zuu – White Wind
  • Abomination – Night
  • Goblin Mage – Goblin Punch
  • Cactuar – 1000 Needles
  • Anenome – Bad Breath
  • Draco Zombie – Zombie Breath
  • Stroper – LV5 Flare
  • Adamantoise – Earth Shake
  • Wraith – Cocytus
  • Vepal – Phlegethon
  • Red Dragon – Twister
  • Jabberwock – Devil’s Snack
  • Cerberus – Auto-Life
  • Veteran – Lightning
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