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How To Beat Gym Leader Gordie in Pokemon Sword

Another exclusive Gym Leader in Pokemon Sword is Gordie. He is the sixth Gym Leader that you will be facing in the game. Gordie is a Rock-type Pokemon user that can be found at Circhester Gym.

To help you defeat this Gordie and all of his Rock-type Pokemon, here is the guide that you should follow.

Gordie’s Pokemon Lineup

Being the strongest Pokemon trainer in Circhester, Gordie is using Barbaracle (Lvl 40), Shuckle (Lvl 40), Stonjourner (Lvl 41), and Coalossal (Lvl 42). Gordie’s Pokemon are all mixed with Rock-types which only means that it is weak against Steel, Grass, Fighting, Water, Electric, and Groud-type Pokemon.

How to Beat Gym Leader Gordie

While there are lots of options to choose which type of Pokemon to bring in battle, we recommend using Grass, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokemon.

Due to the dual-type of some of his Pokemon, we can take advantage of their weaknesses. Some of the best Pokemon that you can use are Steelix (Steel and Ground) and Excadrill (Ground and Steel).

Before fighting the Circhester Gym Leader, players need to defeat the four trainers of Gordie. These are Abigail with Boldore (Lvl 38), Kiera with Crustle (Lvl 38), Oliver with Carkol (Lvl 39), and Wendy with Sudowoodo (Lvl 39).

Gordie’s Rewards

Once you successfully defeated Gordie, you will be receiving Circhester Gym Badge, a total of 6,720 money, TM48 Rock Tomb move, Rock-type uniform, and the ability to capture up to level 50 Pokemon in the wild.

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