First Person Hooper – 5 Best Tips for Arcade Mode

General information, tips & tricks, and helpful tidbits to improve in Arcade Mode.

5 Tips to Improve Scoring

Avoid shooting from a previous spot (red zone).

Although you still gain points from making shots from a red zone, your point total is cut in half. The red zones force you to avoid becoming complacent and to use more of the movement mechanics in your game. To score more efficiently, shoot from different spots on the court.

Power up your ball!

Whenever you make a swish or perfect bankshot, the power-up gauge in the lower right of your screen fills up with juice. When it is maxed out, you’ll hear the power-up sound effect and the gauge will starting pulsating. By pressing the POWER UP button, the ball becomes juiced and whatever shot you take next will be an instant make.

Hit those Splash Zones.

The blue puddles that appear on the court are Splash Zones that provide huge scoring bonuses when making shots while standing on top of them. In order to know when they’re active, listen carefully for the water sound effects. Making a shot from a Splash Zone also destroys the red zone so you can shoot multiple times to rack up more points.

Style is key.

Once you’ve gotten the shot mechanics down, start incorporating styles into your game. While shooting, hold the movement keys or analog sticks forward, backwards, or left/right as you release your shot. This gives an added bonus to the shots you make but also adds slightly more difficulty to the shot power ring since it adjusts to your movement.

Always be moving.

The game rewards you for moving around the court and shooting from different spots. Don’t dwell on misses, fire up a shot as soon as the ball respawns or be moving to your next spot if you know a shot is going in. Moving around also unlocks Secret Spots that give you bonus points. Don’t stay complacent, keep it moving and fire away!

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