Fortnite Fortbyte #41 Location: Use Tomatohead Emoticon Inside Durrrburger Restaurant Guide

There’s a total of 100 Fortbyte challenges that players need to complete to unlock the puzzle. And to keep things going, here’s how to complete Fortbyte Challenge #41.

Fortbyte Challenge 41 is called Accessible by using Tomatohead Emoticon inside the DurrrBurger Restaurant and similar to the other challenges, players need to use an item before actually collecting the chip.

Fortbyte Challenge 41 Location Guide

First things first, players need to equip the Tomatohead emoticon which is unlocked in Tier 3 Battle Pass. When you’re ready, head to Neo Tilted and find the Durrrburger Restaurant.

If you’re a new player or not yet familiar with the places in Neo Tilted, here’s the map photo of the Durrrburger Restaurant.

The DurrrBurger Restaurant Location

Enter the restaurant and head to the kitchen which is located in one of the rooms on the first floor of the building. Right when you found the kitchen, you will be seeing the floating chip, but as I mentioned above, you can’t collect it yet.

Fortnite Tomatohead Emoticon

Stay in front of the floating chip then use the Tomatohead emoticon and Fortbyte chip #41 will become available.

And that’s how and where to find the chip to complete Fortbyte Challenge #41. Haven’t finished the remaining Fortbyte challenges yet? Check out our Fortbyte guide from here.

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