Fortbyte Challenge 49 Location

Fortnite Fortbyte #49 Location: Found in Trog’s Ice Cave Guide

As usual, new Fortbyte challenge has been unlocked in Fortnite Season 9 and this time, the new task that players need to do is called Found in Trog’s Ice Cave. This challenge is no different from the other Fortbyte challenges as this only requires you to visit a certain place and collect the chip.

Fortbyte Challenge 49 Location Guide

Trog’s ice cave is a new location when Fortnite Season 9 arrives and if you’re a new player or not familiar with the map, here’s where you need to go.

Fortbyte Challenge 49 Location

All you need to go is head to the southern part of Frosty Flights. Trog’s cave has two entrance, one can be found facing the ocean and the other one is a hole in the middle of the trees. Once you enter the cave, you will find a small shaft in there. Go inside the shaft and you will find the Fortbyte chip #49 surrounded by three teddy bears.

And that’s it. If you haven’t completed all the remaining challenges, make sure to check our Fortbyte guide directory.

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