Fortbyte Challenge 50 Location

Fortnite Fortbyte #50 Location: Accessible at Night Time Inside Mountain Top Castle Ruins Guide

With Epic Games slowly unlocking all the Fortbyte challenges everyday, we’re finally getting close unlocking the mystery puzzle. There’s a total of 100 challenges in Fortbyte and today, challenge #50 is now available for players to complete.

Forbyte Challenge 50 is called Accessible at Night Time inside Mountain Top Castle Ruins and obviously, players need to find the chip at the castle ruins. But where exactly is the chip located?

Fortbyte Challenge 50 Location Guide

The chip on this challenge will only appear during night time. When its night time, head to the castle ruin located below of the Junk Junction and on the right side of the Haunted Hills.

Fortbyte Challenge 50 Location

If you find yourself in front of the castle, head to the back of it and you will find Fortbyte chip #50 sitting in the corner waiting for you to collect. And that’s it. Still can’t find the chip inside the castle ruins? Check the video below for a detailed tutorial.

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