NBA 2K21

How to Change Quarter Length in NBA 2K21

Unlike the real NBA game, Visual Concepts and 2K Games’ NBA 2K21 has the option to shorten the length of each quarter. Just like the previous NBA 2K video games, players will have the ability to adjust the quarter length in NBA 2K21.

If this is your first time to own an NBA 2K video game and want to change the quarter length in the game, all you need to do Features tab on the menu. Under the Options category, click on Settings, and search for the Quarter Length option.

From there, you can now adjust the time of each quarter in your NBA 2K game. In the real NBA game, each quarter usually runs around 12 minutes. In NBA 2K21, you have the option to adjust each quarter to any length that you want. The longest quarter length will be 12 minutes and the shortest will be 1 minute.

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