Found Within Haunted Hills

Fortnite Fortbyte #55: Found Within Haunted Hills Location

Similar to what’s happening in the past few days, players just unlocked a new Fortbyte challenge. Today, Epic Games has opened Fortbyte challenge #55 where players are tasked to find another electronic chip in the map.

If you’re one of the fans looking to complete this challenge as fast as you can, here’s the chip location for Fortbyte #55.

Found Within Haunted Hills Location

The new challenge is called Found Within Haunted Hills and simply looking at the quest name, it’s obvious that we are about to explore Haunted Hills. While it’s a bit hard to find this little piece of chip in the vast island, we already did it for you and so, let’s head to its location.

Found Within Haunted Hills

To complete Found Within Haunted Hills challenge, all you need to do is follow the pinned coordinate as shown in the screenshot below. The pinned location will bring you to the cemetery and you need to enter the house at the right side of the biggest house. Explore that small house and you will find the chip just right next to a treasure box.

And that’s it! We already published all of the location guides for the Fortbyte challenges. Make sure to check this link for the location guides.

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