Fortbyte Challenge 72 Location

Fortnite Fortbyte #72 Location: Found within Salty Springs Guide

It’s another day in Fortnite which only means a new Fortbyte challenge has been unlocked. This time, Epic Games has unlocked Fortbyte 72 and similar to the previous challenges, players are tasked to find a chip on the island.

Fortbyte Challenge 72 Location

Found within Salty Springs Guide

Fortbyte Challenge #72 is called Found within Salty Springs and by simply looking on its name, we already got a hint that we can find the chip in Salty Springs. But where exactly is the location?

Fortbyte Challenge 72 Location

Salty Springs is composed of an averaged size land that has a lot of trees and houses. To complete this challenge, head to Salty Springs and find the red pick up truck lying on the ground located near the houses. The chip can be found inside that truck so you have to destroy the car just to collect the chip.

And that’s it! If you haven’t finished the remaining Fortbyte challenges, make sure to check our Fortnite guides to get started.

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