Fortnite Goose Nest Locations

Fortnite Battle Royale: All Goose Nest Locations (Day 6)

In celebration of the Christmas eve, Epic has released a new set of challenges for the 14 days of Fortnite. This time, you are required to find 6 waterside goose nest around the map. Without further ado, here are the goose nest locations.

Fortnite Goose Nest Locations

All Goose Nest Locations

The new challenge is already giving you a hint that the goose nest can be found near the water area.

  • I9 – near the rock formation
  • H9 – near the rock formation
  • H8 – near the rock formation
  • G8 – in front of a wooden pull cart
  • G9 – near a tree and a rock
  • F10 – near a tree
  • E8 – near a big rock
  • E7 – near a big rock
  • E5 – near a rock beside the falls
  • G6 – near a big plant and a rock
Fortnite Goose Nest Locations
Fortnite Goose Nest Locations

There are 10 locations around the map but you are only required to find 6 goose nest. Check this link for a high resolution of the map.

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