Fortnite Aquaman Skin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: How to Get Aquaman Skin, Trident, and Supreme Shell

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is now live and one of the most exciting features of the season is the arrival of the new skin. This time, it’s the Aquaman skin and if you’re one of the fans who want to get this skin, this Fortnite guide will help you on how to get it.

The Aquaman skin is just one of the skins on this season and it can be unlocked as players progressed and level up their Battle Pass. Apart from the skin, the season also offers exclusive Aquaman Trident and Supreme Shell back bling.


Fortnite Aquaman Skin

How to unlock and get Aquaman skin?

Similar to the previous season, the Aquaman skin can be unlocked after successfully completing the challenges for this season. In Season 3, players can only complete one weekly challenge. Unlike the previous season where players completed 7 challenges, the Season 3 will only offer 5 weeks of epic challenges, which only means that you can get the new Fortnite Aquaman skin in week 5.

To get the Aquaman skin, players only need to participate and complete all the given exclusive Aquaman challenges. Completing each challenge will unlock all the styles for the Aquaman skin.

How to unlock and get Aquaman’s Trident?

To get the exclusive Trident pickaxe, players just need to complete the week 3 challenge. Having this trident combined with the Aquaman skin will surely make your character more appealing. Well, who doesn’t want to have a body like Arthur, right?

How to unlock and get Aquaman’s Supreme Shell?

Similar to the Aquaman skin and Trident pickaxe, you can also obtain the Supreme Shell back bling by completing the challenges. Players need to complete the week 4 Aquaman challenges to get this back bling.

What do you think of this Aquaman-themed skin, pickaxe, and back bling? Are you already familiar with the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 map? Feel free to tell us your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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