Fortnite Season 7 Forbidden Dance Locations

Fortnite Season 7: All Forbidden Dance Locations (Week 1)

Fortnite Season 7 is here and as usual, players will be getting a weekly challenge. For the first week of Season 7, one of the challenges that players need to complete is to dance in 7 forbidden areas.

If you’re looking to complete this challenge as soon as possible, here are the places that you need to visit.

Fortnite Season 7 Forbidden Dance
Fortnite Season 7 Forbidden Dance

All Forbidden Dance Locations

As of writing, there are 10 confirmed forbidden dance spots across the map. Without further ado, here are their locations.

  • B1 in Junk Junction
  • F2 in Lazy Links
  • I2 in Risky Reel
  • H3 in Risky Reel
  • C5 in Pleasant Park
  • G5 in Dusty Pivot
  • F6 in Salty Springs
  • B9 in Frosty Flights
  • A9 in Frosty Flights
  • I8 in Paradise Palms

To complete the forbidden dance challenge, you only need to dance on 7 different locations. You can refer to the map image below if you can’t find the forbidden dance signage.

All Forbidden Dance Locations
All Forbidden Dance Locations

And that’s all the forbidden dance locations. Another challenge this week is to dance in the crown of RV’s, metal turtle, and submarine. If you’re looking for their locations, make sure to check this link.

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