Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 NOMS Locations

Fortnite Season 7: All NOMS Letter Locations (Week 4)

While fans are busy completing the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges, Epic has released a new set of challenges for the Season 7 Week 4. This time, you are tasked to find all the NOMS letters that will complete the signboard on a shop located in Retail Row. Without further ado, here are the letter locations.

NOMS Signboard Retail Row

All Letter Locations – NOMS Signboard

  • Letter N – this is located on a building located under a frozen lake in the north of Polar Peak. The exact coordinate is C7.
  • Letter O – this is located beside the garbage can inside the house west of Pleasant Park. The exact coordinate is B4.
  • Letter M – this is located inside the building in Dusty Divot. The exact coordinate is G6.
  • Letter S – this is located is located on a room in front of the control room inside the bunker in Wailing Woods. The exact coordinate is I3.

After you successfully found all the four letters, the final step that you need to do to complete the challenge is to visit the NOMS sign in Retail Row. Finish the match to make it count.

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