Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator – Salvage Minigame Starter’s Guide

This guide will let you know when the animatronics are in hostile position so you can act accordingly.


The salvage minigame will play in between each night unless the player already has the upcoming animatronic inside his pizzeria. When the salvage minigame starts, the player has the choice to either proceed with the minigame or throw the animatronic back into the alley and completely avoid the minigame. If the player avoids the minigame they risk to lock themselves out of the completion ending because they might not be able to get possession of the animatronic later on. If the player chooses to proceed with the salvage they will have to play the salvage minigame which will lead to the player either winning the salvage points and having the animatronic inside their pizzeria or getting jumpscared and still having the animatronic inside their pizzeria. For you to win the salvage minigame and get the salvage points you will need to shock the animatronics when they enter their hostile phase to avoid getting jumpscared and losing the salvage points.

Basic Salvage Mechanics

The most important salvage mechanic is aggression. Aggression is what determines the phase of each animatronic, including the hostile phase. Aggression’s measurement unit is 1 AN and increases over time during the salvage minigame using specific formulas that gives different outputs depending on the day number and the animatronic that you’re facing.

Aggression Phases:
There are 3 phases that each animatronic will enter before it tries to jumpscare you. These phases are passive, agitated and hostile, all of these phases can be recognised by changes in the posture of the animatronics. These phases are determined by the current aggression level, more specifically an animatronic will start in passive phase and 0 AN until it reaches 250 AN when it enters the agitated state until it reaches 500 AN when it reaches the hostile phase. Later it will start producing a sound at 750 AN which will get louder at 900 AN. Then when it finally reaches 1200 it will jumpscare you.

Aggression Formulas:
There are 2 formulas for aggression, one which is calculated every 10 seconds after the salvage minigame starts and one that is calculated every second that the paper is up.
10 second formula:
{ { value {day number} + 1 } 50 } + 100
paper formula:
{ value {day number} + 1 } 10

Animatronics Aggression Increasers:
Each animatronic will have a 50% chance to increase it’s aggression every 10 seconds by a specific amount of aggression which differs for each animatronic.
Molten Freddy: 200 AN / 10 s
Scraptrap: 250 AN / 10 s
Scrap Baby: 300 AN / 10 s
Lefty: 350 AN / 10 s

Paper Time Limit:
The paper needs to be flipped up in order for the audio prompt to continue playing. Each animatronic has a limit for how long you can keep your paper up without getting jumpscared.
Molten Freddy: 60 s
Scraptrap: 40 s
Scrap Baby: 30 s

Molten Freddy

Molten Freddy’s Hostility Signs:
1. A shadow covers the part of the table under Freddy’s head
2. There are overhangs on the left side of Freddy’s head


Scraptrap’s Hostility Signs:
1. He has a straight head
2. He is looking at you
3. At least 3 teeth are not covered by shadow on the left side of his mouth

Scrap Baby

Scrap Baby’s Hostility Signs:
1. Her head is dropped back
2. You can see her mouth and her left eye


Lefty’s Hostility Signs:
1. Her head is dropped forwards
2. You can see her left eye
3. There is light on the right tip of the start at Lefty’s chest

Additional Tips

Tip 1: Use less shocks
Each animatronics starts off with it’s own salvage points, these salvage points will turn into money if you survive the minigame but will start decreasing during the minigame for every shock after the first three shocks so it is crucial to only use shocks when necessary and not waste any shocks. Do this by using shocks only during the hostile phase and perhaps after the sound starts playing at 750 AN or when it gets louder at 900 AN but keep in mind that at 1200 AN the animatronic will jumpscare you.

Tip 2: Be faster
Since aggression increases over time, it is better to spend as little time as possible in the salvage minigame because more aggression will lead to the animatronics entering the hostile phase earlier which might lead to more necessary shocks and thus less salvage points. It also increases the risk of getting jumpscared during the minigame. You can do this by proceeding to the next audio prompt faster and by not wasting shocks as shocks use valuable time.

Tip 3: Skip with F2
The salvage minigame can be skipped using either the F2 key or the combination of CTRL and S keys. This will allow you to skip the minigame without gaining any money from it and without getting the animatronic inside your pizzerias. After you skip a salvage minigame you will be required to skip all the following salvage minigames using F2 or CTRL + S because the game will otherwise reset the game back to the last tycoon phase of the game.

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