Full Quiet Full Walkthrough Guide

This guide will get you through the opening area of Full Quiet and also understand some key details needed to progress through the game in later areas. Using this guide will allow you to check for all the TICKS in the opening stage, The Plateau. It will also arm you with some knowledge on how to play the game that you will need to use throughout the rest of the game.

Full Quiet Full Walkthrough Guide

Start the game and allow the opening cinematic to play. It provides some basic info. After that ends, run to the right, go in the cave, climb the ledge, then climb out and go to the next screen.

Press up to take the rope then climb the ledge above and continue to the next screen.

Here go up the path then head to the right past the house and shoot the first enemies. Just wail your whole clip on them and they’ll go down before they get close enough. Failing that, a well timed dodge roll will allow you to bypass their attack without taking damage. Feel free to grab the energy bar on the roof after you dispatch the enemies before going to the right to the next screen.

You’ll notice that oval in the background, this is a location we will be going too soon.

Kill the enemies on this screen. The last 2 enemies will drop a Fuse and an Energy bar. Grab those then move on.

Here you will see the exit for the Plateau but there are laser bars that keep you from taking that. Just go up to the path until the next area

Jump over the mosquitos and go to the left.

Press the switch by touching it then go back to the previous screen. You can grab the ledge above the mosquitos on the bottom then walk up the path and leave that screen to the left on the upper side.

Kill the vine flower on the top by diagonal up shooting and avoid the mosquitos. If you cant hit the flower a well timed dodge roll will keep you out of its grasp and your health untouched.

Move down the path when you get here and you will be able to enter the well from earlier when we hit the switch.

Inside the well you will encounter your first pipe puzzle, which will happen frequently in the game. A tip that really helps is you can rotate the pipes by pressing Y or whatever appropriate button on your gamepad. This will allow you to place pipes more efficiently, which is very important as you are on a timer. Failure to solve the puzzle in time will lead to a shock and some damage. If you cross through the heart and still solve it in time you will get a full heal, this can come in handy later on. Later puzzles will be larger and more complex and introduce elements such as lightning bolts that can damage blocks, repair wrenches to fix them, and yellow clocks to extend the timer at the top.

Exit the room through the new opening made and proceed. Kill enemies then grab the rope.

Drop down and leave the room and you will get to another screen

This will be the same screen you would get to if you chose to climb down the first rope instead of going up. Drop down and take some damage, read the note and grab the energy bar. Dont use it unless you really need to. Go to the left.

This area is optional but is a great place to practice the swinging jump mechanic, which will be key for later in the game. Successfully making it to the very top left will award you with another energy bar. If you’re already maxed out at 6 at this point you wont be able to grab it though. If you take a big fall like earlier you will take some damage. Be sure to kill the blob things with a diagonal up shoot so you can kill them without taking damage. Once you’re done here go right 2 screens.

Go through the waterway then next screen kill the blobs and climb up and out of the hole.

Go up the path again and now you’ll be able to solve the puzzle outside of the house. Do so then you can now enter the house.

Grab the medical kit then use the radio and tune it by rotating the dpad or analog stick until you hear the morse code beeps. You should be able to see them on the screen also unless you disable that setting. The short beep is represented by a . then long beep is a – and the pause is a / . Take note of this sequence then leave the house and to the left back to where we just were. This time go to the right.

Use the rope to go down and get a fuse then grab the rope and head to the box on the right.

Enter in the morse code and you’ll here a chime and see a checkmark to indicate success. Now you can look to the right.

Where you will see a structure in the distance that will flash color codes. These codes represent the . – AND / on the morse code box. Take note of the sequence shown by the structure.

and enter it into the Morse Code box for another success. Now you will return to the house.

Climb down and Press the switch on the left to open up the laser bars preventing you from leaving the Plateau from earlier.

After pressing the switch, proceed to big machine in the middle and solve the color blocks. I honestly don’t know where you will find how to solve in the plateau so I just copied off someone’s homework on Youtube. Put it in just like this and you will solve it. If anyone knows where you find this hint let me know so I can update the guide for it.

You’ll hear another successful chime which means we are almost finished. Go back up and use the radiio again.

This time you will tune the radio to the left until the bottom middle window opens up and you will see a wave pattern. The view button will change the waveform you’re using, the directions will allow you to tune the waves, and A button will amplify the waves. There is no need to use the view button in this situation because the wave is already the shape we need, so just mash the A button to get the maximum wave amplitude then move the directions to line up. You’ll get the last chime needed.

After solving the puzzle you will see one last morse code. You won’t need to worry about this right now.
You’ll be able to climb back down and use the computer on the right to confirm that you have all 5 checkmarks for Plateau. You will also notice that you will see some letters, and that an F is filled in. You’ll only see the letter if you have all 5 checkmarks. It is ideal to do all of them before leaving the plateau.

I highly recommend doing so before leaving the plateau through the gate to the Crags because I dunno how or when you will be able to revisit Plateau.

This last bit is optional but will award you another rope should you need it. You can only hold 2 ropes right now but you will be able to expand your inventory later on. The path between the initial cave you climbed out of in the beginning and the path that leads to the house will have 3 rocks. If you come to this area from the house, walk past the first rock, the second rock, the last rock, then jump over that one and walk past the middle rock again. You will head chimes and after the 2nd time you walk past the middle rock, a rope will drop down. You can bypass this if you already have 2 ropes. However this type of puzzle does crop up in later areas of the game so it isn’t a bad idea to do it anyway to “learn the ropes”.

The in game time is probably pretty late at this point so return to the house, save the game, and sleep to heal up and start a new day. DEFINITELY do this if the in game time is after 20:00 when it starts getting dark. Enemies will get a little tougher and if you’re still out at 02:00 you will get instakilled by the mystery creature.

After resting up and saving the game, come back to this gate, now sans the bars, and leave The Plateau to head to the Crags. Stuff will really get serious now, good luck!

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