Fullblast Trophies for PS4

Today, we managed to grab the full list of Fullblast trophies for PlayStation 4. Fullblast is vertical-scrolling shooter video game developed and published by UFO Crash Games, along with Ratalaika Games.

In Fullblast, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to earn a total of 14 trophies consisting of 2 silver, 11 gold, and 1 platinum. There are no secret trophies in Fullblast on PS4. You can check the complete Fullblast trophy list below.

Fullblast Trophies

Platinum TrophyPlatinum Ship
Get all the trophies
Gold TrophyStarting
Complete Area 1
Gold TrophyGetting Better
Complete Area 2
Gold TrophyThis is it, right?
Complete Area 3
Gold TrophyThis wasn't easy
Kill an Area Boss
Gold TrophyShouldn't it be on the sea?
Kill a Manta
Gold TrophyI think this one is old
Kill 100 Scorpions
Gold TrophyAnnoying as always
Kill 50 Mosquitos
Gold TrophyThey were cute
Kill 25 Butterflies
Gold TrophyBut not cute enough
Kill 50 Butterflies
Gold TrophyI hope this is it
Kill 25 Spiders
Gold TrophyThere were more...
Kill 50 Spiders
Silver TrophyNuclear Explosion
Use a Bomb Attack
Silver TrophyPowerful
Obtain a power-up

Fullblast is also available on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Download Fullblast on PS4 here.