Game Loops of Marauders

This guide shows various game loops players can take in Marauders. It hopefully gives ideas especially to new players what kind of activities they could be doing.

Update information

This guide is created 22.09.2023.

Information in this guide represents Marauders how it is in update Plunder 1.3.

Game loops

Here you can see various activities you can do in Marauders.

Flowchart starts from starting the game, displays activities in Lobby area, then showing both regular match and Raider mode.

Match isn’t limited to only one activity, player(s) can run different game loops during same match. It though is highly helpful to plan in advance what is main thing you try to achieve in match, as it usually affects what kind of gear, and how much gear you take with you.

Communicating these plans to your crew before match starts is vital key to success, as then everyone know what to prepare and how to play the match.

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