Garden Story

Garden Story – What is the Maximum FPS

FPS seems to be locked at an extremely low frequency in Garden Story. When we checked the gameplay, we have confirmed that Garden Story is offering a fixed 30 frame rate. While the game already runs smoothly with the current frame rate, many players are asking if you can unlock the current FPS and get at least 60 FPS.

Unfortunately, it seems that Garden Story will only stay with a 30 frame rate. According to the official details, Garden Story works well with the pixel-art style in 30 FPS. When asked about any plans to include or add more FPS options, the developer stated that they currently do not have any plans for 60 FPS or FPS unlock.

This only means that Garden Story will only be available in 30 fps max. We will be giving you another update once the developer decides to allow FPS to unlock in Garden Story.

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