Garfield Kart - Furious Racing

Garfield Kart – Furious Racing Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get 100% achievement in Garfield Kart – Furious Racing. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all achievements in the game, this guide is exclusively for you.

Garfield Kart - Furious Racing

Garfield Kart – Furious Racing Achievement Guide

Cat’s good with me

  • Finish a race in any category. No, really, you just unlock it after any type of race, just finish it. Doesn’t even take 6 minutes in most cases.


  • Trigger a super cannon start. Like many kart games, this one has it. When a race has the countdown at the start, hold down your driving button. It should look like you got an extra boost when you do it right.

Cat out of hell

  • Win a hat. Do a time trial, try getting any medal time from it. Gold, silver, bronze, platinum all work.

The cat’s meow

  • Win a “unique” hat. Complete a single time trial and get the gold medal time.


  • Win all hats. Win all race tracks on time trials on any time, any medal.

Great Cat-hatter

  • Complete the gold medal time from all time trials on all maps. Aim for the gold medal times, so you’ll need to use shortcuts and likely several tries to get it done.

Purrrfect Spoiler

  • Win a spoiler. Complete any Grand Prix cup on first place, full scores (64). This means every race, you have to win first place so you get 16 points each first place victory. You’ll get two spoilers every completed cup, it’s intended.


  • Get all the spoilers. Complete all cups on Grand Prix in any cc. And first place.

Super Mechano Cat

  • Complete all Grand Prix cups in 150cc, in first place for all races like usual. You can get this and Spoiler-flower by doing all cups in 150cc, you don’t need to do it individually for each cc.

Cat got your tongue

  • Win your first puzzle piece. If you play solo (not multiplayer), you’ll see three puzzle pieces around each race track. Just drive over one, and you’ll get it. Some require items, some just need you to drive through certain hidden places.

Jumpin’ cat flash

  • Complete an image. Collect puzzle pieces, and eventually, they will form one. 3 pieces per image. Remember that all puzzle pieces on a track aren’t for the same image.

Artist cat

  • Get all 48 puzzle pieces. This is the longest-winded achievement likely. You need to collect each piece, some of which require items not on time trials so you’ll need to play through Grand Prix for some. I found a good video on all the locations. Video not made by me, timestamps in the original video’s description.

Feline it

  • Equip a “perfect combo” for a race. You’ll need to get hats and spoilers, depending on your character. In the character selection/kart configuration screen, on the right is a circular image with a kart, a human, a spoiler and hat visible. Match all colors to get a perfect combo. Just start a race with the combo, you don’t need to finish the race.

Combination sensation

  • Use all possible perfect combos for karts. So, you’ll need to get one of every hat and spoiler, use the matching colors for a single race each.

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