Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics Crack Download Status, Is Gears Tactics Cracked?

Gears Tactics is the newest turn-based tactics video game developed by Splash Damage and The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios for Windows PC and Xbox One. Like any other video games on that are being released on Windows PC, it’s not surprising to see gamers asking if there’s a crack for the new game.

In this post, we will be telling you everything that we know about Xbox Game Studios’ Gears Tactics. Questions such as crack status, download links, and many more will be discussed in this article. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics Crack Status

Gears Tactics being available in PC, there’s a huge chance that PC gamers are now searching a way to get the game and play it for free. For those who can’t find the answers, below are the details that you need to know.

When is the release date of Gears Tactics on PC?

Xbox Game Studios has officially launched Gears Tactics on Windows PC and Xbox One on April 28, 2020. If you’re planning to play the game, make sure to check Gears Tactics system requirements.

Is there a crack for Gears Tactics?

Let’s skip the fancy part. Short answer, yes. Gears Tactics has already been cracked by one of the most prominent warez group. According to Crack Watch, the group has managed to crack the game in just four days after its launch, making it playable for free starting on May 3, 2020.

Who cracked Gears Tactics?

The infamous group who exploited Gears Tactics is CODEX, a warez group founded in 2014. CODEX group have been active since then and they boosted their popularity by cracking popular games released by well-known video game publishers such as Bandai Namco, 2k Games, and more.

Where to download Gears Tactics?

To play Gears Tactics on Windows PC, you need to visit the game’s Steam page and buy it for just $59. Unlike any other video games,  Xbox Game Studios is not offering any discount on Gears Tactics. While the crack of the game is now available, we highly recommend getting the game on Steam to receive the latest updates and patches. Our website does not support any kind of piracy and this article has been created for educational purposes only.