Genshin Impact Heart Island

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock and Reach Heart Island

The world of Genshin Impact is composed of different secrets. With the size of the map of the game, it’s actually not surprising if you discovered something. There are hidden areas out there that are still yet to be discovered, and if you’re one who found it, you’ll be getting a good reward.

If you haven’t discovered the place called Heart Island, then you should start exploring the map. Doing it alone may take some time, so to make things easier, we will be giving you the guide on how to unlock the Heart Island.

Genshin Impact Heart Island

How to Unlock Heart Island

Getting into Heart Island in Genshin Impact is a bit difficult if you don’t know what to do. To reach this hidden place, you need to use a certain character. Characters with Ice-based skills can make it since we’re exploring the world as fast as possible, you can start using Kaeya. Before using Kaeya, you should have already started his story in the game.

Once you already got Kaeya, use her Frostgnaw to freeze the water below you. Walk on these frozen water until you reach a small island in the east part of Shoal. That island is the hidden Heart Island.

And that’s it. You reached and discovered Heart Island. Now, it’s time for you to claim the Luxurious Chest on that area. You can only claim the rewards if you have invited a friend. Else, this chest will remain locked. This invited friend of yours should be above Adventure Level 16.

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