Ghost College Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you achieve 100% completion in the game as quickly and effortlessly as possible. It includes a roadmap, estimated difficulty rating, time required, offline/online achievements breakdown, playthrough details, glitched achievements information, and crucially, a note about missable achievements.


  • Estimated Difficulty: 2.5/10 (Read the note below)
  • Estimated 100% Time: Approximately 2-3 hours (based on progress in Chapter 1)
  • Offline/Online Achievements: 6 offline / 0 online (current as of Chapter 1)
  • Number of Playthroughs: Minimum 1 with the utilization of saves
  • Glitched Achievements: None
  • Missable Achievements: All of them

Important Note: It’s crucial to be aware that this game features numerous branching dialogue and ending paths. Additionally, there’s a possibility of completely missing key items that can significantly impact your gameplay experience and make certain achievements easier to obtain. Furthermore, the puzzles in the game may be unintuitive at times. To ensure you don’t miss anything important, carefully read the descriptions provided in this guide. Please note that certain sections of the guide may require updates as the game progresses, particularly if new achievements are released based on specific dialogue choices and endings. Stay vigilant and refer back to the guide for any updates.

With this achievement guide and walkthrough, you’ll have the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the game efficiently and achieve 100% completion. Good luck on your journey!


Stabbed to death at first

Upon beginning the game, immediately leave your room and head to the right to locate a door leading to the bathroom. In the bathroom, thoroughly search the third trash can. Make sure to search it again when prompted to find a note. Failing to search the trash can again will require you to restart the game. Once you have obtained the note, return to your room and engage in a conversation with your roommate.

Using a lock opener to open the lock 6 times

During the early stages of the prologue, you will reach the first floor of your school. Proceed to the right and initiate a conversation with the woman operating the floor cleaner. Offer your assistance by informing her that you’ll help, and in return, she will provide you with the key to room 103. Utilize the key to access room 103 and proceed to search the nearby desk. To focus your flashlight, hold the J key and then carefully scan from side to side until you discover an item hidden within the desk. This item happens to be the lock picking tool, which will be indispensable for opening various locks throughout the game. Now, proceed to unlock the following doors:

  • Daytime – Room 102
  • Daytime – Room 103
  • Daytime – 4th floor door to the roof
  • Nighttime – Room 402
  • Nighttime – Enter room 401 and unlock the safe on the far right side
  • Nighttime – Room 201

To unlock something, you need to hold Q to line the black line up with the red bar, then press J.

Repel the monster

To begin working towards this achievement, you’ll first need the lock picking tool. Refer to the previous achievement for its location. Once you have the tool, proceed to room 403 and ensure that you sit next to Xiao Yuan (the male character) so that the embryo monster spawns during the night. Then, make your way to room 401 and unlock the door. Inside, unlock the safe to discover the Type C UV Emitter. Access your inventory (press the Tab or Q key) and equip the emitter. Locate the monster and approach it closely. Press the J key to use the emitter’s flash function and ward off the monster.

Chapter 1

Conserve electricity
Turn off all the lights in Xiao Yuan’s house

After arriving at Xiao Yuan’s house, your objective is to turn off all the light switches. There are five switches on the bottom floor, one in the bottom floor bathroom, one upstairs, and one in the upstairs bedroom. Note that if you’re playing as Lin Xiangling during this section, there may also be a switch in the guest bedroom. Most of the switches will be in the off position initially. Make sure to deactivate all of them.

Cowardly in the boardroom

During the prologue, you’ll need to achieve the ending where you leave your dorm through the bathroom window. The quickest way to obtain this ending is by going to room 403 and sitting next to the girl, triggering the dorm ending sequence. If you sit next to Xiao Yuan (the male character), additional steps will be required. Once you’ve triggered the dorm ending, exit the building and return to your dormitory. When you reach your room, choose to go to sleep. When given the option, get out of bed and leave your room. Interact with the front door and select the alternative option to find another way out. Head to the bathroom and exit through the window. It’s important to note that choosing any other ending will prevent you from receiving the dialogue choice necessary for this achievement.

Continue playing through Chapter 1 until you find yourself in a meeting room with several school board members. When asked about your connection to Lin Xiangling, respond with “I’ve only met her, but I don’t know her very well.”

Kindness to the end
Overcome three monsters

To achieve this objective, there are several steps that need to be followed.

  1. Begin by initiating a conversation with the woman operating the floor cleaner on the first floor during the prologue. She will provide you with a key to room 103. Proceed inside and search the nearby desk to locate the lock picking set.
  2. Move on to room 403 and choose to sit next to Xiao Yuan (the male character). Sitting next to the girl will result in being locked into the dorm escape endings, whereas sitting next to Xiao Yuan will allow you to access all the endings.
  3. After the class, your task is to find a screwdriver. Unfortunately, its location is randomized in one of the rooms, so you will need to search for it yourself.
  4. Proceed to room 302 and find the Toolbox on the floor. Take it with you.
  5. Go down to the second floor and head all the way to the right to find Xiao Yuan. Engage in a conversation with him, then proceed to the fourth floor. Crack open the exit sign to the left of room 401 to obtain a battery. Return to Xiao Yuan and talk to him again. Complete the puzzle and then solve the stairway puzzle (ensure you don’t leave the building via the 2F bathroom, as it is necessary to complete Xiao Yuan’s quest and puzzles for one of the required endings).
  6. Prior to talking to Xiao Yuan once more, create a save on the first floor.
  7. Engage in a conversation with Xiao Yuan and choose to go to his house. Once you arrive there, make a new save.
  8. Load your previous save on the first floor and choose to go back to your dorm. Upon reaching your dorm, go to bed, wake up, and leave your room.
  9. Interact with the front door and opt to find another way out. Proceed to the bathroom and escape through the window.
  10. As soon as you have the opportunity, create a fresh save on this particular path.

If you have followed Xiao Yuan home, you will eventually find yourself in a hotel room as Lin Xiangling. After attempting to sleep, rush towards the AC control panel near the vending machine and press ‘J’ to set it to heat mode. Crank the temperature up to 31 degrees and wait for the monster to position itself under a vent, causing it to melt. Open the fridge in the kitchen to acquire a jar, and utilize the microwave to defrost its contents. Return to the main room and open the safe (alternatively, you can pick the lock without retrieving the jar) to obtain another photograph. Show this photograph to the monster’s leader.

The second monster will appear immediately after your escape from the hotel as Lin Xiangling. Your task is to defend Xiao Yuan as he attempts to repair a generator. Simply allow the monster to strike you once.

The third monster is quite similar to the first one, but this time you must be playing as Xiao Yuan during the hotel section. After inspecting the front door of the hotel, you will attempt to blow it up. Enter the kitchen and interact with the skeleton embedded in the wall. Proceed to the vending machine and repeatedly hack it until you obtain a knife, which you can use to cut open the lamp near the bed. Bring the hat you find to the skeleton.

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