God of War

God of War PC Gamepad Controls

Kratos and Atreus from the God of War have finally arrived on PC. While the game can be played using a keyboard and mouse, the developer has confirmed that players can also use a game controller to enjoy God of War. For players who are planning to beat the game using a controller, here is the God of War gamepad controls to help you get started.

God of War Gamepad Controls

  • L2 – Aim
  • L1 – Block / Parry
  • R2 – Heavy Attack
  • R1 – Light Attack
  • D-Pad Left – Sheathe / Unsheathe
  • D-Pad Down – Quick Turn
  • Square – Atreus Action
  • Triangle – Axe Recall
  • Circle – Interact
  • Cross – Evade
  • Right Stick – Camera
  • R3 – Lock-on
  • Left Stick – Movement
  • L3 – Sprint
  • Options Button – Pause Menu
  • Touch Pad – Map

In our case, we are using a PlayStation 4 controller to play God of War on PC. If you’re using an Xbox controller or any generic controller, the controls are almost the same. If you’re having some God of War controller issues, you can refer to this guide to fix it.

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