God of War

God of War Save Game for PC (100% Completed) Download

Kratos and Atreus have finally reached the PC and many gamers have already started their journey to complete the story of God of War. While many have already embarked on their new adventure, there’s a way to enjoy God of War without facing any troubles in the game.

In this guide, we will be sharing with you the 100% complete God of War save game. Yes, you read it right. This new God of War save game has already unlocked everything including the weapons, armors, and more.

God of War Save Game Download

Before we share the God of War 100% save game, we highly recommend that you backup your original save game file first.

To have a backup copy of your God of War progress, go to the following directory and copy the folder, which usually shows numbers.

C:\Users\(Username)\Saved Games\God of War\

Now that you already have the backup of your original save game, let’s get to the 100% complete save file of God of War.

  1. First, download the God of War save game here.
  2. Open the downloaded .rar file and extract it to your desktop.
  3. Go to the God of War save game directory, which we already mentioned above.
  4. Copy the extracted game.sav file to the God of War save directory.
  5. Run the game and enjoy the benefits of the save file.

Using the save file will not cause any issues in the game. For players who are getting some crashes or any performance issues, you can refer to this God of War troubleshooting guide. You can also check our God of War controls guide for PC.

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