Golden Light of Rose – How to Get “My Favorite Picture” Achievement

The easy way to get the most grindy achievement in the game.


The achievement’s trigger condition seems to be quite simple, but it’s absurdly random and time-consuming to get.

It requires you to get the “Golden Brain” memento perk.

It’s of extremely low odds of getting it from a polaroid card.

While grinding it, I’ve found a way to make it less random.

My Favorite Picture

I’ve found a way to decrease the pool of possible mementos to make it more possible for the “Golden Brain” perk to trigger.

There’s one memento on every floor.

You can get it either from a polaroid photocard or from a meat hole. If you can’t find a photo card, it’s most likely a memento spawned in a meat hole.

So, to increase your chances of getting the “Golden Brain” perk you need to do a few things.

Firstly, choose the easiest difficulty. There was a suggestion that the max difficulty increases the chances of getting rare drops. From my experience of completing the game 15+ times, it’s not true at all.

Secondly, complete the first two floors as usual. Necessarily, take mementos on both floors.

Thirdly, find a memento on the third floor. Most likely, you won’t get it on your first try. Be ready to farm it for a few hours. All the people out there suggest you just restart the level. What you should actually do is press the “ESC” button and choose the “quit+save” option. It turned out to save all of your weapons and mementos, while still restarting the level. By doing so, you can get the maximum of three mementos, decreasing the pool of possible perks appearing on the choice screen and making “Golden Brain” more likely to appear in the next run. Repeat it until you find it.

Be very attentive so you don’t miss it, it has the longest description of all the perks and the moon is depicted in it.

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