Good Doggo

Good Doggo Achievement Guide and Tips

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can easily get 100% achievements in Good Doggo. For those who are having a hard time obtaining all Good Doggo achievements, this one is for you.

There’s only a total of 5 achievements in Good Doggo. None of these achievements are hidden or secret. Most of them are level related achievements, which is pretty self explanatory. However, the hard part is getting these levels. Within you’ll also find the best ways to level up faster.

Good Doggo Achievement Guide

  • Good Doggo – Reach Level 5
  • Gooder Doggo – Reach Level 10
  • Great Doggo – Reach Level 20
  • Greater Doggo – Reach Level 30
  • Greatest Doggo – Max out all stats

The achievements are very simple: reach level 5, reach level 10, reach level 20, reach level 30, and max out all stats. There’s not really much to it. But if you just want to be done with it as soon as possible, keep on reading.

How to Get them Faster and Easier

Now, every time you complete a round, you’ll get to spend your “points”. You get these points by leveling up.

Now, to get all of these achievements faster, upgrade “More Stacks”, “Taller Stack”, and “Fancier Treats”. These will allow you to get more XP so you can level up faster. When you level up faster, you can get more points to spend on others, so you can also get the “Max out all stats” achievement.

Additional Tips

You can also get these so the process of grinding for the achievements is a little faster and easier.

  • Neater Toss
  • Better Balance
  • Shorter Hold
  • Faster Growth
  • Faster Toss

However, don’t forget that the most important ones for the achievements are Fancier Treats, Taller Stack, and More Stacks.

Guide by Juke Box Frog.

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