Graceward – Complete Cheat Codes

This guide contains the official, and perhaps ignoble, cheat codes for Graceward.

Cheat Codes

Whether easy difficulty just isn’t easy enough to your taste, or you’re simply looking to kit up fast on your next playthrough, Graceward’s cheat codes will see you victorious, in 90’s gaming style.

To enter a cheat code, bring up the cheat code menu by pressing the ‘B’ key during gameplay, in or out of combat. Then enter your code, and hit ‘Enter’ to submit it. The codes are as follows.

Give All Guns: fabprizesdotcom

Gives you all eight base guns in the game. Any fourth tier guns you’ve upgraded will be reverted to their regular state.

Add Discard: glitzy

Immediately adds 9000 discard to your wallet.

Add All Tapes: directtovideo

Unlocks all six tapes for the tape player in the church. *Warning* *This will spoil parts of the story.*

Give Full Health and Armour: jollomd

Fully heals Renee to her max health, and tops off her armour.

Give Max Ammo: pumpkinpulp

Refills all ammo types to max capacity.

Add 10 levels: youcallhimdoctor

Immediately adds 10 levels in the stats menu to spend on perks.

Skip Day: redeye

Immediately ends the current day and begins the next. *Warning* *This has huge potential to break the game’s logic if used randomly, it’s usual purpose is for debugging. Saving before attempting it is highly advised.*

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