Dragon Ball Super Granolah

Granolah’s Eye is Like a “Sharingan” and “Byakugan” of Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball manga has featured several villains over the years and the coolest thing is that each of them has its own characteristics, personalities, as well as motivations. Currently, in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Goku and Vegeta met with Granolah, believing that it would be a mortal enemy.

In fact, Granola proved to be a tough opponent and showed an unusual ability for the world of Dragon Ball. It resembles the famous “Sharingan” and “Byakugan” from Naruto’s ninja universe.

The Mighty Eye of Granolah in Dragon Ball Super


Although Goku mastered the Ultra Instinct in his own way, he found himself helpless in front of Granola and his powerful eye, which is also known as “the most powerful eye in the Dragon Ball universe“, according to Granola.

Granola explains to Goku that even for a complete fighter, it is impossible to hide the “vital points”. Cerealjin then reveals that it can read the “blood flow” and even the “muscle movements” of its opponents in such a way that it knows when and where to attack.

Although it is a formidable skill for Granolah, we must remember that he manages to use it so well because he has become the “strongest man in the universe”. Knowing when to react is important, no doubt, but having the necessary speed and reflex is crucial to executing the movements.

Will Goku be able to find a way out of dealing with Granola’s powerful eye? The answers to this question will unfortunately only arrive on June 20, after the release of chapter 73 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

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