Grounded Update 0.3.3 Patch Released, Full Changelog Here

Publisher Xbox Game Studios, along with developer Obsidian Entertainment, has released the newest Grounded update 0.3.3 for Windows PC on October 19th.

The new Grounded patch address some of the major issues in the game. These include random game crashes, cloud save syncing, and more. While this is a small update, it fixed one of the most annoying games crashing and freezing while playing Grounded.

If you want to know more, feel free to check the detailed release notes of this update below.


Grounded Update 0.3.3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed random client crash when pickup up items
  • Fixed crash with destroying Grass Plank Pallet or Weed Log Pallet building
  • Fixed crashes dealing with Cloud Save syncing on the Main Menu
  • Fixed issues with saves not properly uploading or downloading from the Xbox Cloud causing corrupted or missing saved game