GYLT Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.


Estimated difficulty: 3/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~4-10 hours.

Offline/online achievements: 29 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1 minimum.*

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: 4.** Avoid the Cold, Don’t be Exposed, Avoid the Violence, Avoid the Conflict

* After killing an enemy for any of the combat achievements, you can quickly quit out to the main menu and choose Continue.

* You can also choose Continue after beating the game to get the other 2 endings. Refer to Both of You Deserve to Go for more info.

** No collectible is missable. You can collect them all before meeting the Old Man at the front of the school, or choose to go back to campus after finishing the game.

** No combat achievement (outside of Avoid the Violence) is missable, but they can be a lot harder if you wait until post-game or have killed a lot of enemies. I suggest grabbing them exactly when I say to in the guide to avoid any headaches.

Save location if you need to make a backup (Don’t be Exposed, Avoid the Violence)


You can easily type %appdata% in the search bar, then go back one folder to find your Local folder.

Story Related

The Place of Nightmares

Enter the school looking for Emily

A Way Around

Get outside of the school courtyard

Game Over

Remove the battery from the Arcade core

What is this place?

See the weirdness in the school

Winter Play

Get into the Theater

Secrets are for Ourself

Defeat Exposure

Afternoon Activities

Access the Art Building

Sports Prison

Reach the Basketball Court

Violence is not the Answer

Defeat Violence

The Truth Behind the Mask

Reach the Final Mine

Overcome the Helplessness

Escape from Helplessness


You can earn all 3 endings in 1 playthrough. After choosing an ending, quit to the main menu from the credits and choose Continue.

I Simply Can’t Go Back

Escape with Emily

At the end of the game you’ll be given a choice. Choose Emily. If you’ve saved all 10 Inhabitants, you’ll need to choose this option twice.

I Just Can’t Stay Here

Escape with Sally

At the end of the game you’ll be given a choice. Choose the cable car. If you’ve saved all 10 Inhabitants, you’ll need to choose this option twice.

You Both Deserve to Go

Escape with Both Sally and Emily

In order to earn this you will need to find all 10 Blood Quartz and free all 10 Inhabitants. After that, you’ll be given a choice at the end of the game. Choose either option, then the Old Man will ask to see your ticket. Choose him.


All of these achievements will be listed in the order you can earn them while playing through the story.

Avoid a Cold

Use the Planks to Remain Dry

This is earned a little after starting the game. After crashing your bike, you’ll be fleeing through a forest and will eventually come to a large puddle with some planks to the left. Simply cross over the planks without falling in.


Shock an Enemy

Very early into the school you will need to push a button to stop a puddle from being electrocuted. After you’ve done so, get the attention of the nearby enemy and turn the electricity back on when he’s in the puddle.

Ups… Sorry

Hit an enemy with a can

The earliest you can earn this is after gaining access to the 1F Teacher’s Lounge. Interact with the vending machine near the key you need to grab to get a can. After grabbing the key, a monster will enter the room. Line up your shot and toss it at him.

Let There be Light

Defeat an Enemy with the Flashlight Beam
After acquiring the flashlight upgrade, you will crawl through a vent into the 1F Library, with a monster inside. Aim your flashlight at the monster’s eyes and activate the beam until he explodes.


Kill an enemy with a Stealth Attack

After leaving the Library, sneak up behind the monster guarding Class 105 and press E when prompted to insta-kill it.

Don’t Look at the Light

Blind Three Enemies at the Same Time

A great place to earn this is as soon as you get the flash upgrade. You’ll pick it up on your way to the arcade and will be placed into a tutorial with 3 enemies. The range on the flash is a little short, so run up close to them and hit F to blind all 3. If you mess up, quit to the main menu and try again.

No Time to Play

Try to Play other of Tequilaworks Game
After entering the arcade, you’ll have to stealth your way through the main floor. On the far end will be a few neon signs. Interact with the Rime machine to the right of the “Food” sign.

Don’t be Exposed

Escape from the Arcade without being detected by Exposure

This achievement is a lot simpler than it sounds. Exposure will become active after you grab the battery from the 2nd floor of the Arcade and the goal is to escape without being spotted (damaged) by his large light. Just be careful, it’s easy to be a little too far out of cover and take damage. The light is very easy to track and the route out is not long at all. The achievement will unlock as soon as you open the door at the front staff booth. I recommend making a back up save just before grabbing the battery.

Avoid the Violence

Defeat Violence in the Laboratory Without Being Hit
Another pretty simple one to knock out. To defeat Violence, you need to shine your light at his shoulder eye for a moment to make him charge. Around the room are 3 tables with faucets that you need to trick him into charging so they begin spouting water. Finally, bait him again to charge into the water. Be careful, when he hits the 1st and 2nd spouts he will let out a fairly large AoE attack so keep your distance! If he’s getting too close, you can shine your light at his eye to force him to charge and recover, as this attack is easy to dodge. I recommend making a back up save after extinguishing the fire in Class 202.

I Love Snowmen

Freeze one Enemy of Each Type

After finding the Fire Extinguisher, we can start working on this. There’s 4 enemy types to freeze.

  • Strangers (basic enemy)
  • Shifters (Crow)
  • Blame (mannequins)
  • Invisible Strangers

Breaking the Ice

Freeze an Enemy and Push Him

Freeze any enemy with the Fire Extinguisher, then walk up to them and push them with left click. Be careful, this will only unfreeze the enemy, not kill it!

Take it to the Hoop

Hoop a can

Once you’ve entered the gym, you can immediately head up the stairs to your left and grab a can from the machine. Go down to the lower floor and run all the way to the back of the gym to find a basketball hoop that isn’t broken. Line up your shot and toss the can in.

Avoid Conflict

End the Game without Killing Anyone (without bosses)

For this achievement you will need to rely heavily on stealth throughout the run. Thankfully you can still use cans, freeze, shoves, and any other form of non-lethal combat. If at any point an enemy dies that isn’t a boss, quickly quit out to the main menu and click continue.


Diary (1/21) – First Day at Bachman School
After entering the school, continue forward and you’ll spot a large eye monster blocking a doorway. In front of it is a bench with the diary.

Quartz (1/10) + Inhabitant (1/10)
Story related. You will automatically collect these after crawling through the vent in Class 103.

Diary (2-3/21) – Neverending War + A Day at the Hospital
Both of these are in the same room as the previous collectibles. After the cutscene, look directly right of the wheelchair, then look on the far side of the room.

Diary (4/21) – Smile
After unlocking the second wing of the 1st floor a monster will cross over from the Library and stand in the way of Class 105. Grab a can from the nearby vending machine and enter the bathroom. Lure the monster back towards the Library and make your way to 105. The diary is inside. You can also wait until you have the upgraded flashlight to make this easier by killing the monster.

Picture (1/6) – Friends Playing
After crawling out of the vent into the 1F Library, look immediately to your left to spot a large picture frame you can point your flashlight at. Activate the beam until the glass shatters.

Quartz (2/10)
With the flashlight upgrade in hand, head back to Class 102 and burn the six eyeballs guarding the desk, as well as the one in the back corner of the room to free up the Quartz.

Quartz (3/10)
After making it to the parking lot, you’ll eventually go down into a sewer and climb out through a ladder. Next to where you exit will be a gate leading out into the street. Facing the gate, 180 and cross over a plank behind the ladder. Follow the linear path to the Quartz.

Picture (2/6) – Goodbye
Continue through the area until you make your way through the gas station. You should now be in a small alley with a vending machine and 2 monsters. To the right of the monsters is a doghouse you can crawl through. The picture is to your immediate right as you crawl out.

Inhabitant (2/10) + Diary (5/21) – Working at the Mine
After acquiring the flash upgrade, you will have to crouch under an obstacle to escape 3 monsters. Just ahead is a ramp leading to the Arcade. Don’t go over the ramp just yet. Instead, go to the top right of the area to find a well hidden ladder down to a furnace room. The Inhabitant and diary are inside.

Quartz (4/10)
As soon as you reach the 2nd floor of the Arcade, you can either go left and climb a ladder into a vent, or go right to a concession counter. Go right and look behind the counter.

Quartz (5/10)
After solving the valve puzzle to drain water out of a sewer tunnel, climb down the short ladder but don’t climb up the ladder out of the sewer. Instead, run down to the opposite end of the tunnel to find the Quartz tucked behind a sheet of metal.

Picture (3/6) – Reading at Night
As soon as you climb up to the 2nd floor of the school, you’ll find yourself in Class 211. Exit the room and hook an immediate left. You should see a vending machine and the picture at the dead end of the hall.

Diary (6/21) – The Second Floor
Coming out of Class 211, go straight and crouch under a bunch of toppled filing cabinets. To your left will be Class 210. Go inside and walk to the far left corner (across from the mannequin) to trigger the door shutting. A map will fall revealing the opening to the back half of the room with a bunch mannequins. The note is on a desk there.

Diary (7/21) – My Grandpa
Leave the room and make your way to Class 212. Facing the door to 212, continue to your left and you can find a ladder hiding behind a bunch of stacked filing cabinets (there’s an eyeball nearby you need to pop to continue the story). Climb the ladder to Emily’s Hiding Spot and find the diary in front of her tent.

Inhabitant (3/10) + Diary (8/21) – Depression Symptoms
After popping the 3 eyes to continue through floor 2, you’ll find yourself in a sort of kitchen like room. Instead of wrapping around to the ladder on the right side that leads to 2nd floor landing, exit out of the top left door and pop the nearby eye to gain access to Class 208. The collectibles are inside.

Canary (1/6)
After the cutscene of Emily running into Class 202, you will need to navigate a series of steam pipes to reach Class 204. As soon as you crouch under the last pipe, look immediately to you left to spot the cage on top of the red lockers. You will be able to hear the bird chirping to know you’re in the right area.

Diary (9/21) – She’s Missing
After turning off the steam, you’ll now have access to the other wing of the 2nd floor. Head over and you’ll need to toss a can through a window to turn off the electricity. Once it’s off, enter that same room to find the diary.

Quartz (6/10)
After completing the puzzle in Class 206 to get a key, a bunch of enemies will now be patrolling the hallway. Lining yourself up with the door to the previous collectible, head to the far right side of the hall to see a now accessible vent. Follow it through to a secret room (it’s a lone square on the map just above the boiler room).

Canary (2/6)
After defeating Violence you will need to make your way across a plank to reach the Auditorium. After crossing the plank, don’t go right to the Auditorium, instead look left and you’ll spot a large statue. The cage is in its hand.

Inhabitant (4/10) + Diary (10/21) – The Rock People
Directly behind the statue is the entrance to a hedge maze. The collectibles are on the left side of it. The maze is super easy to navigate, so directions shouldn’t be needed.

Blood Quartz Radar
On the opposite side of the hedge maze from the previous collectibles.

Inhabitant (5/10) + Diary (11/21) – Homeless
As soon as you enter the Auditorium, hook an immediate left and follow the path to the far left room. At the back will be the collectibles.

Diary (12/21) – In the Spotlight
As soon as you enter the Auditorium, go up the right staircase and drop off the ramp. Look to your left and you should spot the diary on a bench.

Picture (4/6) – At the New House
After destroying the eye on the 1st floor of the Auditorium, head up the right staircase to the 2nd floor, then head down the opposite staircase.

Canary (3/6)
Before crawling through the small hole into the Projection Room, look over the stack of chairs near the mannequin to spot the cage.

Quartz (7/10)
In the same room as the Theatre Key. Facing the key, 180 and crouch under the toppled shelf to find it.

Picture (5/6) – A Sad Day
After escaping the Warehouse into the Arts Center proper, you’ll find yourself in front of a large statue (Sally will claim that she doesn’t remember it being there). Looking to the right of the statue will be a door leading back into the Warehouse, but it’s blocked by fire. Loop all the way around the statue to reach the door. Head through to find the picture.

Collectibles (Cont.)

Inhabitant (6/10) + Diary (13/21) – The Mine
After repairing the elevator in the Arts Center, go inside of it and push the button to send it up to the 2nd floor, but quickly sprint back out of it. Once it starts to climb you can walk underneath and drop into a maintenance area. Follow the linear path to the 2 collectibles. I recommend doing this now otherwise you’ll have to deal with a bunch of enemies in the area later.

Canary (4/6)
After repairing the elevator and taking it up to the 2nd floor of the Arts Center, look to your right to spot a ladder. Climb up and then look immediately below you as you drop into the next room.

Quartz (8/10)
After finding the Fire Extinguisher, head back down to the 1st floor of the Arts Center and enter the Office. Freeze the puddle inside and grab the Quartz.

Diary (14/21) – Observers
After extinguishing the fire to reach the second half of the Art Centers second floor, you will spot a Crow and a Doll next to a mural of fruits and a crow on a plate. There are eyes you can pop to the left/right of the mural, and one in the vent to the left of the mural. The eye on the right is tricky to hit without alerting the Crow, so you may want to take him out. Once the barrier is destroyed, climb the ladder and enter the Art Storage Room. Unlock the nearby door and grab a can from the vending machine outside of it. Head back in and run all the way to the back. You’ll spot a yellow bucket you can toss the can at.

Inhabitant (7/10) + Diary (15/21) – Cooper
Once inside the Gym, head down to the lower basketball courts and run all the way to the left room at the far end (directly above the Control Room). Once inside look to your left for a vent leading to the cut off cell. The collectibles are inside.

Picture (6/6)
Exit the previous room and make your way to the room below the Control Room. As soon as you crouch under the boards, look to your right.

Canary (5/6)
After solving the power puzzle in the Control Room, crouch back out from under the boards and enter the door to your left (left of the Isolation Cell on the map). The cage will be to your right as you enter.

Diary (16/21) – Gym Class
Exit the previous cell and cut across the Gym. Enter the first cell open on this side (middle cell on the top part of the map) and crouch into the hole in the wall. You will immediately spot the diary as you go through. You can also just enter the cell the diary is in from its door.

Canary (6/6)
Cut across once more and enter the Lockers area. Freeze the pipes and make your way through until you get a tip that the pressure to knock the key down isn’t strong enough. Facing the key, turn to your right and crouch under the broken tiles. As you exit, you can spot a ladder on your left and a lamp on your right. Go down the path where the lamp is. Eventually, you will need to pass by a couple of timed steam pipes. After passing them, turn the corner and look up. You will spot the final cage just above a hole you can crouch through. The hole leads to a dead end overlooking a mine where Lock Key #1 will be found after a puzzle.

Quartz (9/10)
Head back and climb up the ladder this time. Once at the top, immediately loop around the corner to your left and look behind the large crate.

Diary (17/21) – Get Lost
After inserting all 3 keys into the Basement door, don’t go through just yet. Instead, head back out to the School Courtyard and go back to the large statue that held a Canary earlier. Interact with the front of it to place all 6 Canaries in and a secret stairwell will open. Head down to find the diary.

Inhabitant (8/10) + Diary (18/21) – We Did This
Open the lone door just beyond the last diary to find these two collectibles in the room.

Inhabitant (9/10) + Diary (19/21) – Caged
After climbing on to the roof, you’ll spot a bunch of Dolls trying to reach Emily. Don’t go in to save her just yet. Instead, continue looping around the roof to spot a fire you can put out and a gate you can pull open. The collectibles are just beyond it.

Diary (20/21) – The Old Man
After all of the cutscenes on the roof, climb down the newly unlocked ladder and you should spot the book on a bench in the corner.

Quartz (10/10)
Directly across from the book will be the quartz. First, freeze the steam on the left side of the shed, then quickly sprint over to the right side and freeze that one, too. The pressure will knock down a gear. Take the valve to the corner near the quartz and freeze the gear. Insert the one you grabbed and wait for the door to open.

Inhabitant (10/10) + Diary (21/21) – Here’s The Truth
Head back into the school and go up to the 2nd floor. Go to the only spot on the map that hasn’t been cleared yet (bottom right on the map). Extinguish the fire and enter the stairwell. The collectibles are down below.

Puzzle Solutions

Arcade Door Power

    Hit the dials in the following order:

  • 1(Q)
  • 2(E)
  • 3(E)

Sewer Valves

  • Left x1, Right x1.

Art Center Valves

  • Turn off right valve.
  • Pull cart into place.
  • Turn on right valve.
  • Turn off center and left valves.

Elevator Power

Hit the dials in the following order:

  • 1(E) x3
  • 2(E) x2
  • 3(E) x2
  • 4(Q)
  • 5(Q) x2
  • 6(E)
  • 7 x3

Gym Power

Hit the dials in the following order:

  • 1(E)
  • 2(E)
  • 3(E) x2
  • 4(E)

Mine Power #1

Hit the dials in the following order:

  • 1(E) x2
  • 2(E)
  • 3(E)
  • 4(E) x2
  • 5(E)
  • 6(E)

Mine Power #2

Hit the dials in the following order:

  • 1(E)
  • 2 x3
  • 3(E)
  • 4(E)
  • 5(Q)
  • 6(E) x2
  • 7(E) x2

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