Half-life 2 Evacuation Achievement Walkthrough Guide

If you want to obtain all the achievements in Evacuation, a Half-Life 2 mod, there are a few things that you need to do.

Story-Related Achievements

I’m still alive!

Start the game after the crash.

Meet the Raiders

Meet the Raiders.

Clear Sky

Destroy the combine helicopter.

Successful Evacuation

Complete the walkthrough.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Strider Killer

Kill all 3 striders.

Eliminate the trio of striders that are currently assaulting you while you are inside the helicopter.

Leap of faith

Fall into the ravine.

Upon reaching the campsite following the helicopter crash, a pistol will be provided to you. Adjacent to the camp, there is a cliff located on the left side. If you jump off the ledge of the cliff, you will be able to obtain the achievement.

Saving the medic

Kill the raider before he kills the rebel medic.

Upon successfully activating the initial radio tower, you will encounter a bridge that connects to an outpost. Your primary objective is to eliminate all of the raiders present in the outpost before they harm the rebel. It is recommended to act swiftly and eliminate the raider located behind the fence beside the rebel.

Pro tip: It is advisable to save your progress before crossing the bridge to avoid any complications if the rebel is killed during the encounter.

Evacuation Chomsky’s gnome

Bring the gnome from the sawmill to the end.

Upon entering the sawmill, proceed towards the right building where the gnome is located. Remember to bring the gnome along with you until the end of the task.

Corps Killer

Clear the ravine of all zombies.

Close to the sawmill, there is a ravine infested with numerous zombies and headcrabs. Your objective is to eliminate all the zombies present in the ravine, including the headcrabs.

From Russia with love

Find the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Upon exiting the ravine, a tent with three raiders will be located nearby. In this tent, you will find a power cable alongside the Kalashnikov firearm, situated adjacent to the cable.

Guardian – no problem

Kill the ant lion guardian.

Upon activating the power supply at the sawmill, an antlion guardian will appear. Your task is to eliminate the antlion guardian to obtain the achievement.


Kill the bird before it sits in the trap.

After departing from the sawmill, you will eventually arrive at a watchtower. Upon opening the gate at the watchtower, be wary of the bear traps that are scattered around the area. A bird will fly towards the first bear trap, so act swiftly and eliminate the bird before it falls into the trap.

Get Overpowered

Die from the current in the socket.

“The socket can be found at the second radio tower. Ensure that the socket is charged before retrieving it.


Jump on a nearby cable car using a rocket launcher.

Upon departing from the second radio tower, you will encounter a cable car. To obtain this achievement, you must launch yourself towards the cable car that is approaching you. Once you are in proximity to the cable car, turn around and use the RPG to shoot the floor of the cable car you are standing on. The explosive force will propel you towards the cable car, and it is not necessary to land inside it. It is crucial to use the RPG or explosive to accomplish this achievement.

Pro tip: To save time, save your progress before activating the cable car.


Find a box of supplies behind the waterfall.

After joining forces with a rebel, you will arrive at a river that is infested with combines and antlions. Proceed towards the end of the river, where a waterfall is situated. Check behind the waterfall, and you will discover several crates.

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