Hello Puppets: Midnight Show – Where to Find All Loyalty Tapes

Most of the regular cassette tapes you collect through game play will be randomly generated all through-out your play through until you collect them all. However, there are also a total of 15 loyalty tapes you are able to collect consistently through Hidden Puzzles that will give you behind the scenes perspective on the Handee-men’s everyday lives (as well as the origins of one very good boy).

Nick Nack Loyalty Tapes 1-5

Wasting the Water Bill

Starting from Wing B in the Unisex bathroom, there is a chalkboard informing you that Nick flushed the key to the Wing A Woman’s bathroom because…reasons?

To get the Wing A key, you will need to flush the toilets in a specific order. You start with the stall without a door. The door in question is near by with the number 1 written on it, signifying the obvious. You flush that stall’s toilet, then open the doors for the other stalls to get your hints for what order you need to flush in.

  • One just has 4 written on it
  • One has “Nick Nack likes dancing and singing two”. Note how the last word is supposedly misspelled, that’s on purpose.
  • One has what looks like three “i”s standing together.

There is also some graffiti with completely accurate information about Nick. Which isn’t actually helpful for the puzzle, but its still fun to look at.

After collecting the blue key, head to Wing A and unlock the Woman’s bathroom. There should be one stall that doesn’t have a toilet, and instead leads into the completely dysfunctional Men’s room. If you turn on the sink’s in this area, it will show you the order in which you need to flush the Woman’s Washroom toilets. Once done, you will receive a gold key, that will unlock the container in the Woman’s Washroom, granting you Nick’s Loyalty Tape 1-5

Tommy’s Errands

Each level has a chance to have one of the animatronic puppets active, and will often give you a Loyalty Tape after completing the errand they want you to finish. Tommy is Nick’s animatronic puppet that you can find in Wing C, all of the three items he will request from you will only spawn in the main room of Wing C (so you don’t have to worry about searching the entire level for them) The items he requests are random every time, but the list of things he will request are as followed;

Apple or Orange – Usually located on one of the tree standees around the room, that are usually present in the outdoor stage set and Daisy’s stage set.

  • Cherry – often topped on a pie that’s located on Riley’s stage set
  • Peach – On the backside of a mannequin (usually near Daisy’s stage set)
  • Picture of Riley and Rosco – Located on Riley’s stage set
  • Rose – Located on Daisy’s stage set
  • Picture of Mortimer – This one can be a bit tedious, but often I find it behind Riley’s stage set

After collecting all the items Tommy requested, he will give you a key to the Production Control Room, in there is where you will obtain Nick’s Loyalty Tape 2 of 5

Hogging Spotlight

  • Nick’s final hidden puzzle located in Wing D after entering post-game. There are a total of statues in Wing D, as well as several spotlights. Some of them are facing the golden Nackie statues, which are the only ones you want to put batteries into. Turn on all the respected spotlights to receive Nick’s Loyalty Tape 3-5.

Loyalty In Exchange For Inventory

In the workshop in Wing B, you’ll see a request to count the amount of merchandise that is located on the table in the same room. The exact number for each item needed to be accounted for (Hats, VHS tapes, Mugs, and Lunchboxes) will be the pin number needed to get into the container holding Nick’s Loyalty Tape 4-5. The amount will be different every time, but you also have to figure out what order they go in, which is what the printer in the room is for. Get the printer working, figure out the pin number, and then the tape is all yours!


Nick’s final loyalty tape that can be collected in either the Finale or in Post Game whenever Wing D is available during a play through. I’m not going to give away the exact location of this VHS tape, but I will let you know its in the very back of Wing D where all the excess stage sets are. Good luck.

Daisy’s Loyalty Tapes 1-5

Kookie’s Errands

Kookie is Daisy’s animatronic puppet that you can find in the room filled with garbage in Wing B, all of the three items she will request from you will only spawn in this room and (much like Olive’s) are all little cardboard cut-outs of Party related items. Obtain all three for her, and she will give you Daisy’s Loyalty Tape 1-5 for your efforts.

Cookie Jar Security

Located in Wing A, Daisy will rig the Wing A kitchen with lasers after some form of unresolved cookie theft. Starting from the door with Daisy’s cut out and Chalkboard, you will need to watch for the lasers to temporarily phase off as you make your way to the end of the kitchen where you will find an open container next to a closet with Daisy’s Loyalty Tape 2-5

IF you manage to get past the lasers without touching them. If you do by accident or if Daisy interrupts you trying to complete this puzzle, there should be a reset button that will re-open the case and turn the lasers back on.

Spelling in the Laundry Room

Located in Wing C’s Laundry Room, Daisy has had enough of Nick and Riley using up her washing machines (and probably just leaving it there to get mouldy, as some have a habit of doing). So to fix this, she’s set up a password system.

I’ll be frank and say that the hints that you’re given to solve it are not super clear, however the best hint you can get is on the Chalkboard itself. What’s the best way to show people something belongs to you? Use your name! Although its not reaaally spelled out as her name.

The “D” is already filled out, you just need to spell “A” for the next row, “S” for the row after that, “O” for…some reason, I guess they couldn’t get it set as an I for some reason, and then the last row is “Y”. Complete that to obtain Daisy’s Loyalty Tape 3-5 (or I guess in this case, DASOY if we’re going off the machines)

Cookie Jar 2: Electric Boogaloo

Daisy’s final hidden puzzle that can only be completed post-game. Its the Cookie Job Security hidden puzzle…but on steroids! Its a two parter where you will have to reach the end of the Gift Shop to activate the second set of laser obstacles, but afterwards the direction should be pretty linear until you reach the room with four spinning Daisy lasers.

Daisy’s Loyalty Tape 4-5 will be waiting for you in the container located next to the desk!

Barrels! (of fun)

The final loyalty tape for Daisy is actually one you can pick up in either the Finale (if you’re fast enough) or in post-game. Again, I’m not going to completely spoil where the last tape is (or maybe I already did…) but the Pink VHS tape your looking for is somewhere deep in the bowels of Wing D.

Riley’s Loyalty Tapes 1-5

Volcano Experiments

Within Wing B in Packaging Room B-2, you will be greeted to five paper mache volcanoes, all of them have names based on a colour that you will need to match by mixing the respected dyed baking sodas and vinegar. Hopefully I don’t have to explain what colours mix into what, but you will have to know the alternative names for certain colours if you wish to collect Riley’s Loyalty Tape 1-5.

Below are examples based on the ones I got during my play through of this puzzle;

  • Verdant Valley – Green
  • Sage Summit – Green
  • Mauve Mountain – Purple
  • Plum-dumb Village – Purple
  • Vermilion Valley – Red

Laser Experiment (easy)

Located in Wing C in the locker rooms, starting from the room with the face slide puzzle. If you’ve been a smart lad, then you might have realised that there are some lockers that are actually shortcuts between the main back rooms of Wing C.

You will need to open the locker that leads from one locker room to the next and adjust the mirrors accordingly in order to get the laser on the other side of the room.

The objective is to make the laser hit the target, and while its a lot easier to show than explain, I have taken pictures that will hopefully help you decipher the answer and collect Riley’s Loyalty Tape 2-5.

Olive’s Errands

Olive is Riley’s animatronic puppet that you can find in Wing A halls, all of the three items she will request from you will only spawn in the halls of Wing A (so you don’t have to worry about searching the entire level for them) The items she will request are a little different compared to Tommy, as they are all cardboard cut-outs of items instead of them being physical items. They are often just tools that you can find either on the side of lockers, on top of boxes, or on the walls. Completing her errands, she will give you Riley’s Loyalty Tape 3-5

(One of the three cut scene VHS tapes that you can actually collect without having to unlock Wing D in post game)

Laser Experiment (expert)

Riley’s final hidden puzzle that can only be accessed post-game.

Its pretty much the same as the easy puzzle, but this time you’re directing the laser all across Wing D to get to the target. This one is a tad harder to explain, so I will be providing images of how the lasers should be correctly positioned in order to obtain Riley’s Loyalty Tape 4-5

The Rosco Shrine

Hey, remember back in Laser Experiment (easy) where I told you about the lockers that act as short cuts to the other rooms? There’s actually a hidden room hidden somewhere in those lockers that will take you to Riley’s final tape! Just keep checking all the lockers in the Wing C locker rooms until you find something interesting! Hopefully that something should be the last tape you’re looking for (if you haven’t found it already by complete accident).

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