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HITMAN 3 – All Hawke’s Bay Elusive Target Guide

This guide serves as a walkthrough for the Elusive target called “The Politician” Which can be found on the Hawkes Bay map (The first map in Hitman 2). Includes pics, tips, and annotated maps.

The Politician

GUARDS?: The entire map is a hostile area and the target herself has a personal bodyguard that follows her around.

I do like target, it has the extra challenge of needing to deduce which of the two women is your actual target. HOWEVER this does not change, so once you figure out who is who, it makes repeat playthroughs extremely simple. I’ll let you decide if that is good or bad..
The contract itself is tricky due to the hostile area, abundance of armed guards and far away default exit. However with a little bit of patience, acquiring the car keys and getting rid of troublesome bodyguard(s), it makes for a far less stressful experience.
Annotated Maps:


Blue Circle = Key to the house can be found inside a pot near the pool. Simply shoot it open with a silenced pistol to access.
Green Circle = Car Keys for the SUV exit (This is a much more convenient and closer exit location than the default dinghy)
Yellow Circle = SUV Exit Location (Requires the Keys mentioned above)


Red Circle = The Target will spend a lot of time in this area as she will be writing a speech on the computer here. The other woman will NOT use the computer.

Purple Circle = Gas Heater which can be shot once OR sabotaged with a wrench. The Target and ONLY the target will eventually make her way to this location to smoke. When she lights her cigarette next to the (now very unsafe) heater…KABOOM.

CLUE #1:

(Your Target will be typing this up on the 1st Floor)

CLUE #2:

The Doppelganger will be reading this next to the dining table on Floor 0.

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