Hogwarts Legacy – How to Easily Complete the Collector’s Edition

First of all, I am not the creator of this helpful mod. Also, it is not a cheat to use it.

To begin, download Legilimens – The Hogwarts Legacy Collectible Finder using this link:

Next, extract the downloaded files. You should end up with a folder containing legilimens.py, collectibles.json, and the readme/license.

You will also need to download and install Python 3 using this link:

Once you have downloaded and installed Python, you need to find your save file.

Next, either drag your .sav file onto legilimens.py or run the script with Python. Use the following command: “<path>/<to>/legilimens.py” “<path>/<to>/<your>/<save>/<file>.sav”.

Alternatively, you can run Python “<path>/<to>/legilimens.py” and input the path to your .save file when prompted.

A window should pop up and display what you are missing and the areas where you can find them. I just did this and completed the last conjuration I needed.

Good luck, fellow achievement hunters!

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