Honkai Star Rail – How to Farm and Get Relics

In Honkai Star Rail, the process of character development heavily relies on acquiring and utilizing Relics. These Relics are classified into two categories: Core Relics and Planar Ornaments. The former includes Head, Arm, Body, and Leg pieces that offer set bonuses when equipped in sets of two or four pieces. On the other hand, Planar Ornaments are distinct from Core Relics and can only be worn in two slots, granting two-piece set bonuses. In the following guide, we’ll elaborate on the methods and locations to obtain Relics in Honkai Star Rail.

How to Get Relics

To obtain Relics in Honkai Star Rail, players can participate in two main activities, namely the Cavern of Corrosion and Simulated Universe. The former provides a reliable method for acquiring Core Relics, while the latter is more suitable for farming Planar Ornaments in later stages. In addition, Relics can also be acquired randomly by completing missions, defeating enemies, and opening chests throughout the game.

To unlock the Cavern of Corrosion, players must first complete the “Cleanse in the Darkness Outside” main storyline quest at Level 24. Once this quest is accomplished, the Caverns of Corrosion teleporter will be available and accessible through the Interstellar Guide’s Survival Index tab, similarly to Calyxes.

In Honkai Star Rail, players have the option to craft Relics using the Synthesize system. Relics can be dismantled to obtain remains, which can then be utilized to Synthesize a new Relic of any kind.

Furthermore, players can utilize the Self-Modeling Resin item to modify the main statistics of a selected Relic according to their preferences. This quality-of-life item can be obtained through the Battle Pass and is useful for tailoring a Relic to a specific character by adjusting the main stat.