Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Controls Guide

Aloy is ready to jump into another action and adventure on the horizon. If you have already finished the first franchise of the game, you know that the game offers a lot of actions. The case is similar to the Horizon Forbidden West, you will be encountering a lot of actions that you need to remember. Worry no more as this guide will give you all the Horizon Forbidden West controls.

Horizon Forbidden West Controls

Before we get started, note that you can always change and modify this default Horizon Forbidden West controls in the Settings menu.

Main Controls
MovementLeft Stick
CameraRight Stick
Shieldwing Deactivation / Toggle Quick Swap TargetSquare
Focus Tag Part/Use (Prompt)Triangle
Dodge / Shieldwing Deactivation/SwanCircle
Jump / GrappleCross
Tool / Weapon Technique / Override Mode Shift LeftD-Pad Left
Tool / Weapon Technique / Override Mode Shift RightD-Pad Right
Heal / Refill PouchD-Pad Up
Tool Use / Hold to Open Hunter’s KitD-Pad Down
Weapon WheelL1
Valor Surge (while using Weapon Wheel) / MeleeR1
Focus Tag / Pry / Melee Heavy AttackR2
Spring ToggleL3
Focus ActivateR3
Pause GameOptions Button
Open Menu / Show HUDTouchpad
Aiming Controls
Equip PullcasterTriangle
Use Weapon TechniqueR1
Primary FireR2
Pause GameOptions Button
Open Menu / Show HUDTouchpad
Swimming Controls
Swim DescendSquare
Swim AscendCross
Pause GameOptions Button
Open Menu / Show HUDTouchpad
Mount Controls
Mount Duck Rider (Race Only) / Mount / DismountSquare
Mount BrakeCircle
Mount Speed Up / Rider Recover (Race Only)Cross
Mount Light Melee AttackR1
Rider Recovery (race only) / Mount Heavy Melee AttackR2
Aim Behind Toggle (race only)L3
Pause GameOptions Button
Open Menu / Show HUDTouchpad
Machine Strike Controls
Secondary Unit ActionSquare
Tertiary Unit Action / Finish TurnTriangle
Primary Unit ActionCross
Navigate LeftD-Pad Left
Navigate RightD-Pad Right
Navigate UpD-Pad Up
Navigate DownD-Pad Down
Select Previous ViewL1
Select Next ViewR1
Select BackL2
Select ForwardR2
Pause GameOptions Button
Open Menu / Show HUDTouchpad
Horizon Forbidden West Controls

What do you think about the default controls for Horizon Forbidden West? Are you comfortable with the current settings? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, check out our Dynasty Warriors 9 Empire controls guide for PC.

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