Hotel Giant PC Controls and Shortcuts

This page covers the list of all Hotel Giant controls and keyboard shortcuts for PC. Hotel Giant is a hotel management and simulation video game developed by QLOC. You can grab a copy of the game on Windows PC via Steam.

Hotel Giant Controls

The following are the default Hotel Giant key bindings.

Function Key
Load Game L
Save Game S
Options O
First Person View W
Orthographic View Q
Top View E
World View F1
Interview View F2
Exterior View F3
Previous Customer ,
Next Customer .
Wall View Low R
Wall View Medium T
Wall View High Z
Stop Time ~
Normal Time 1
2x Time 2
3x Time 3
4x Time 4
Take Picture P
Goals F4
Game Score F5
Customer List F6
Staff List F7
Hotel Details F9
Market Research F10
Save a Layout F11
Pause Menu Esc
Hotel Giant Controls

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