Arietta of Spirits

How Long Does it Take to Beat Arietta of Spirits?

Developer and publisher Third Spirit Games has finally released their newest story-driven action-adventure video game titled Arietta of Spirits. The game follows the journey of Arietta as she unveils the mystery of the Spirit Realm. With the interesting plot of Arietta of Spirits, you may have been wondering how long to complete the game. So here’s how long you need to spend to finish Arietta of Spirits.

How long to beat Arietta of Spirits?

According to the game developer, Third Spirit Games, they were able to complete the story content of Arietta of Spirits within 4 hours. However, they also noted that this completion time does not include the extra contents of the game, which means that if you’re planning to discover all hidden features in Arietta of Spirits, expect to finish the game a bit longer.

Once you managed to complete the game, it will unlock the special difficulty mode that will add extra replayability. Just like any other game, Arietta of Spirits also comes with achievements. Currently, there’s a total of 30 achievements in the base game. Some of these achievements will be automatically unlocked as you progress through the game, while the remaining achievements may require additional effort to obtain.

For completionists, expect to spend more time in the game as you obtain all achievements. Arietta of Spirits’ rarest achievement is called Grandmaster where you are required to complete the game on Extreme Mode.

Arietta of Spirits is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

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