Black Book

How Long Does it Take to Beat Black Book?

Black Book is the newest dark RPG-adventure video game developed Morteshka. The game officially launches on PC via Steam last August 11th. The game features a lot of mind-blowing twists and puzzles that players need to complete. You may have been wondering how long does it take to beat Black Book. Below we give you the estimated completion time of the game.

How long to beat Black Book?

By estimate, an average player can complete the main story of Black Book within 20 to 23 hours. Of course, this estimated completion time still depends on everyone’s preferences. Also, note that the mentioned completion time is played in the normal difficulty.

Black Book has a total of 50 achievements and for completionist players, it may take a few more time to complete the main story, side story, and obtaining the achievements. According to some players, they were able to get all in-game achievements in 26 hours.

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